Latest review: we were shorted a coat, I have repeatedly sent e-mails to and have gotten no reply, at all. I want my money back, including shipping charges. or I will have to take this to a higher level, including retaliation. view all »
Latest review: So, since I didn't get to be in the wedding because of the mix up of this company, now they won't give me a refund!! I opened a paypal account and gave them my paypal name. I has been almost a month. Of course I returned their merchandise and I dont have anything to work with. SO far they have won. ... view all »
Latest review: Honestly speaking, I'm ok with the dress. Package is firm and dress itself is beautiful. Fits me well too (it's customizable). Problem one is their call service is not 24*7, so I have to email them. Problem two is I wait for some days. Although the total processing time can be shorter than other onl... view all »
Latest review: I own a boutique and saw this site. Everything looks perfect not to mention the cheap price but when i received the items that i bought, to my despair. The stitches are too big- as if they were made in a hurry. The smell is awful. The design is very different from the pictures- as well as the colors... view all »
Latest review: I quote some words from If you take a close look at things around you, you will find most of them are marked with Made In China. Are you wondering why? Here is the obvious secret, the retailers of them are benefiting huge profits due to the low price and high quality of products made in... view all »
Latest review: I would NEVER recommend to anyone. My experience has been horrific! I placed my order for a $69 bridesmaid dress. Vankle charged me $42 S/H. I approved $114 for the purchase of the dress but my bank account was charged $119. When I questioned Vankle, they blamed it on my bank. I had to co... view all »
Rating 3.63/5
3.63/5    Read all 16 reviews
Latest review: I tried to buy some products and the order was acknowledged, but then put on hold. I randg and they asked me to send a photocopy of my credit card statement through email (unsecure)Then I notice pending charge on my bank statement, am I going to be ripped off I wonder? view all »
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Rating 4.1/5
4.1/5    Read all 49 reviews
Latest review: The quality is what you would expect for the price. Sizing is hard to figure out as some larges are too big and some XL are too small. That would not be a problem but their return policy is stated and I read it but the process is MUCH more involved It is hardly worth all the work to return anythin... view all »
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