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Plusinlove.com offers plus size clothing and accessories for women, etc.

Plusinlove.com is an online plus size clothing store. Plusinlove provides an extensive range of high quality, trendy clothing. Plusinlove also offers intimate lingerie, bags, shoes, jewlery, accessories, and many more fantastic items at affordable prices.

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  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Melissa on December 26, 2017 #

    Do not order from this company. It takes forever to get your order, that’s if you get it at all. everything is at least 3-4 sizes too small. Comes from China, and you can’t return anything.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Lyn on September 6, 2017 #

    Although I like the product, it was the wrong size. Plusinlove do not exchange or refund in order to get correct size. They keep saying returns policy attached but is never attached. It is also not on their website. Lots of words and no solution. Will never shop with them and will advise other not buy from them

    • Replied by Kim on October 5, 2017 #

      At Plusinlove, we’re committed to you. We’re able to offer you amazing discounts because we don’t house inventory after our sales end. If something doesn’t meet your expectations, we’re committed to doing our best to find a solution. For questions, contact our customer service at service@plusinlove.com THIS IS ON THEIR WEBSITE AT THE BOTTOM.

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