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Fastcardtech.com offers mobile phone, Android tablet, Windows tablet, notebook, phone accessories, HDMI player, Android TV, headphones, Apple accessories, GPS, MP3/MP4, DV, camera, game, car accessories etc.

Fastcardtech.com offers retail on cellular phones, gps, mp3/mp4 and on today’s new leading technologies. Fastcardtech also supplies a lot of eBay and location resellers.

Contact Information:

Huizhan road 129
ShangHai 200030

Tel: +86-13510656169 +1-239-494-5681

Payment Methods: PayPal, Western Union, Bank Transfer

Shipping Methods: DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS

Domain Name Register Date: 2008-01-10

Coupon Code:
Order over $200 save $8
End Date: 2018-04-28

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  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by ben on December 30, 2013 #

    I have been shopping in so many chinese stores ,and this one has the lowest price and best service ,it’s fastcardtech.com.the phone is really amazing and cheap ,all as the website described .the only one thing that needs to be changed is the shipping speed ,it’s a little bit slow.
    but compare to other companies with all kind of service ,this one is really recommended .no matter it’s special or normal time ,all the year you can getthe unbelievable price .
    and during the festival time you can get special gift .
    very wounderful shopping experience .
    just have a try ,you can’t miss it

    • Replied by admin on December 31, 2013 #

      Note: The reviewer ben uses a China IP address.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by lourdes on December 19, 2013 #

    Best Chinese andriod mobile phones in fast card tech
    Low pricie , fast delivery ,good service .

    This is Céline from Belgium , First of all , I would like to express my gratitude to fastcardtech team for fullfilling my orders, I get content service , fast delivery and fantastic smart phones ,.I never dream that i could buy China phones so nice , Too good to be true . I ordered a lot from China shopping plaform like Aliexpress , dhgate. , androidsale, ahappy deal , pandawill and fastcardtech,but why i chosed fastcardtech. Let me tell you guys why . At first . I never buy from China before , I have read a lot of negative reviews about China phones , People says these phones are useless , garbage, maybe that’s true , ,maybe not , Howevery, I have to figure out on my own . Take risk to order from them .Here is my purchasing expereicne from some of them .

    Pandawill this shop mostll sell China originan brand new phones like Huawei, Lenovo , Zopo, THL and other unknown brand phones .
    I have to say that i put my first order from this company , But they made me so dissapointied .
    About six moth ago , I placed an device ThL W5, after 5 days , Order still not shipped , They said item was out of stock at the moment ,Would take 2 week to get stock , Then aster 2 week , They contact me to find a replacment ,Because device has tecnical issue . OMg , I spent 3 weeks to find out the item was defectivie ,And i aslo pay for DHL service , This is unacceptable for me ,Even i am such a kind person , So i asked for refund . Therefore , That’s was my first order and last one from pandawill.

    This company sell most kinds of stuff . i placed my order from them. This is the a heart breaking experience , I wanted to buy a tablet for son on his birthday . At the beginning ,I talked to online chat , They said the item was available for shipping ,So placed my order without any doubts , after few days , My order still not shipped. Online support said , It just take few days to prepair order , That’s mae sense . So i waited . More five days ,still unshipped . I was really worried , So i called them to check what was the mattery ,it was a gifts for my son , I need it so bad . The new i had is the item just out of stock from them . I don’t understand why so difficulty to get order from them .
    Custom service : good

    I know this fastcardtech team from facebood community , These guys share the problems from time to time , I Just followed the link to http://www.fastcartech.com . The frist i see this website ,I was surprised , price so low .
    my order number SN2013102984400 ,
    The item that i ordered is HDC Galaxys Note 3 N9000 .
    It took 7 days to delivery , really fast , out of imagine , phone came in good condition .
    It is really amazing phone , although i did not get my memory card , But they promied to refund me .
    After all , Eveything is perfect , They are doing a good job , I will definitely order from in the near fure .
    Fastcardtech , The best seller in China !

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by chris on December 4, 2013 #

    sorry that was a typo, meant to say 1 1/2 years ago.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by chris on December 4, 2013 #

    hi guys!! There are many ways of wasting money, and this is a good website for doing both!!
    Well actually its more of a donation because you eventually get nothing in return. See guys, i was scammed buy these trashy chinese people when i bought the goophone 1 1/12 years ago. The speaker went out in 4 days so they said to send it back, guess what guys still haven’t got my phone back. and when you try to contact them, ha! they pretty much laugh and ignore you. Don’t do it!!!

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by baychaser on November 29, 2013 #

    China dropshiper.. Watch out 99% you will NOT get it. Also false description about the phone. If you want to loose your money this place is right for you.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Drahoslav Levy on November 28, 2013 #

    Beware, stay away!! Telephone delivered with huge delay, broken afte 8 weeks of use (within warranty). They require that you send($30)CASH so they send you the repaired phone.

    So far, I have been waiting for almost 3 MONTHS to get the repaired phone back from them and nothing yet!

    So, if you want to waste your money, Fastcardtech should be your No.1 choice!

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Staad on September 17, 2013 #

    do NOT buy from this store. because i did.

    was enticed with a 205$ phone, bought it from them, arrived within 4 weeks.


    – if you contact them, they will then ASK YOU TO FIX THIS YOURSELF, which you will not be able, thereby tampering the phone.

    – if you send it to them, which i did :

    o you will have to spend more money sending it
    o they will NOT send you a new working replacement, but instead have the phone fix at the ‘factory’.
    o this means you will have to wait a VERY LONG TIME to get your phone back. im still waiting for mine and its already 3 MONTHS.

    !! what is the best thing to do (my lessons learned):

    – DO NOT BUY FROM THEM OR FROM CHINA because it is cheap. there is always a catch. buy from AMAZON or locally.

    – if you really want to risk it, use PAYPAL.

    – NOW if you were deceived and want to get your money back :

    o SEND back the item to them first BEFORE you file a dispute dispute resolution in PAYPAL. Make sure they received it. WHY ? because this fuc’in PAYPAL only gives you a limited number of days for a dispute resolution, and will expire. If they have not received back the ITEM they will have no reason to pay you back.

    This is what happened to me. I filed a dispute resolution in my anger, but the timing was wrong. And it expired before the scumbags received back my item. So now i don’t have any leverage but to wait for that stupid phone which i now think is no more. LL

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Lopez emmanuel on September 16, 2013 #

    Problem with Fastcardtech and my phone stil not working.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by dan.b@freenet.de on November 15, 2012 #


    This supplier only wants your money. If you have paid you get information that even an item that is on promotion sale is out of stock. The website explains nothing you can trust. Item descriptions are wrong. So called gifts, if you buy now, are always only fraud.

    If the website claims items to be in stock, this is total nonsense. They do have nothing in stock and order everything from the manufacturers. If you order at the wrong time, you have to wait until they order their next batch. And that can take weeks or even months.

    If you contact the customer service you get only prepared answers that are nonsense.
    If they ask you to change to a different item, which is in stock, they ask for more money.
    If you order an item that is explained to be shipped for free, this is a fraud.
    If you get a tracking number, this is 75% false and old, used for another shipment.
    If you have a claim, forget it, there is no service.
    If you believe to get guarantee, forget it, you get nothing.
    If you believe to talk to people that know what they do, forget it, they do not know nothing.
    If you ask technical questions, forget it, they only repeat what is in their false descriptions.

    If you contact the customer service be prepared to be treated like a fucking stinking dog, after you made your payment. Do not expect to be a customer. You are only a fucking stinking, ugly, long nose dog for them.

    Do not send Money by Western Union or whatever else. ONLY PayPal assures that you get back money. Ale other payments do not guarantee anything. From false item, used items, broken items to 100% loss of money for nothing is in common with them.

    Beware of this fraud company. They only collect your money and then you have a 95% chance to lose your money for nothing.

    This company is a small bureau of 30qm and with an internet connection and two people working. One is an alcoholic and one woman, who do not even speak English. She only knows some words and what prepared answer she should send then. You would not buy anything from the street? Here you do more or less exactly this, if you buy.

  • 2/5
    (2/5) Reviewed by Thurstan on November 14, 2012 #

    Fastcardtech has appalling communication. I realise that they are not native English speakers, but even when I tried Chinese translation they sent me a cut and paste reply.

    I have been waiting a month for an item I paid for 09-Oct-2012. Although they gave me a shipping number, I don’t know whether it is valid because it cannot be found in the tracking system. In addition the reply I get to my status enquiry from fastcardtech is “We will ship it as soon as possible if no problems,Please wait patiently”

    I understand shipping can take some time and have heard Chinese shipping is very slow. That is not main issue for me, the issue is I cannot get a straight reply as to whether the product is even shipped yet.

    The other problem is they have the power because I didn’t realise until later that western union do not deal with fraud or refunding transactions once funds are delivered. Fastcardtech insisted on Western Union and would not accept other payment for that amount.

    Let the buyer beware: Fastcardtech provide unsatisfactory service and Western Union will not help with disputes.

    14 November 2012 16:27
    To: service
    I still don’t understand you. Can you elaborate. Have you sent it, or not?

    On 14 November 2012 15:15, service wrote:
    Dear Buyer:
    We will ship it as soon as possible if no problems,
    (Within few days )
    Please wait patiently
    Thank you! Have a good day!

    OnlineSupport01@hotmail.com OnlineSupport02@hotmail.com
    onlinesupport01 onlinesupport02

    http://www.fastcardtech.com online servcie team
    Fastcardtech.com Since 2005

    We always serve you on your side
    (MON-FRI,USA EAST TIME 10AM TO 6PM, English)

    From: Thurstan
    Date: 2012-11-12 08:00
    To: service
    Subject: Re: Waiting on item, cannot track
    What do I have to do to get a decent reply from you people? Do I have to start posting this email to boards on the Internet?

    All I want to know is either:
    1. If you have sent the product, when will it arrive.
    2. If you have not yet sent the product, I want a full refund.



    On 7 November 2012 21:11, Thurstan wrote:
    Ok. Same problem again. You obviously haven’t read my email, because that is the same reply as last time and no answer to my question as to whether you have sent my product or not. I even went to the trouble of trying to translate it to try and make sure the message was clear.

    If you have not sent my product I want a full refund. I think is a reasonable request as you are either lying or are not very good at communicating. Either way it is very poor service and if you send my money back now we can both walk away without any out of pocket expenses.

    Please pay the funds to ***@*** through PayPal.

    Thurstan Hethorn

    On 07/11/2012, at 4:46 PM, service wrote:

    Dear Buyer:
    We will ship it as soon as possible if no problems,
    Please wait patiently
    Thank you! Have a good day!

    OnlineSupport01@hotmail.com OnlineSupport02@hotmail.com
    onlinesupport01 onlinesupport02

    http://www.fastcardtech.com online servcie team
    Fastcardtech.com Since 2005

    We always serve you on your side
    (MON-FRI,USA EAST TIME 10AM TO 6PM, English)

    From: Thurstan
    Date: 2012-11-06 18:48
    To: service
    Subject: Re: Waiting on item, cannot track
    Did you read my email? If I understand your answer correctly ‘we will ship it as soon as possible’ means that you haven’t sent it yet.

    Why did you send me a tracking number EE719353255CN on the 14-10-2012 while now you are implying that you have not sent it yet?

    Have you sent the order or not?





    Nǐ kànguò wǒ de diànzǐ yóujiàn?Rúguǒ wǒ lǐjiě zhèngquè de dá’àn:“Wǒmen jiāng tuīchū tā zhǐyào yǒu kěnéng” yìwèizhe nǐ yǐjīng méiyǒu fāsòng chūqù.

    Wèishéme nǐ sòng wǒ yīgè gēnzōng hàomǎ,EE719353255CN, bìng shuō zhè shì fāsòng 14-10-2012, ér xiànzài nǐ yǐjīng ànshì, tā yǐ bèi sòng wǎng?

    Nǐ fāchūle dìngdān, huò bù?

    Thurstan Hethorn

    On 06/11/2012, at 7:51 PM, service wrote:

    Dear Buyer:
    We will ship it as soon as possible if no problems,
    Please wait patiently
    Thank you! Have a good day!

    OnlineSupport01@hotmail.com OnlineSupport02@hotmail.com
    onlinesupport01 onlinesupport02

    http://www.fastcardtech.com online servcie team
    Fastcardtech.com Since 2005

    We always serve you on your side
    (MON-FRI,USA EAST TIME 10AM TO 6PM, English)

    From: Thurstan
    Date: 2012-11-05 21:01
    To: service
    Subject: Waiting on item, cannot track
    [Message Info]
    Title: Waiting on item, cannot track
    I’m waiting on my order

    Tracking number

    Sent on 14-10-2012 and I have not been able to track it yet. It is now 5-11-2012.

    Where is my package, what is it’s eta?

    If you do not reply in the next 2 days I will be looking for a full refund.
    ID: 8380
    Time: 11/05/2012 13:02:24
    Name: Thurstan
    Email: Thurstan*@*
    Phone: +614 11 147 604
    Source: Chat Button
    Request Page: Wholesale Android mobile Android tablets by cheap price in FCT(http://www.fastcardtech.com/)

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Max Pax on October 30, 2012 #

    Complaint:$366.66 wire 8/29/12 Order US2012082972857

    I sent the wire to them two month ago. Since than they will not confirm that the wire was received. My bank ran a trace and confirmed that the wire was credited to beneficiary.
    They give me the run around that they have to check for the wire, 2 MONTHS!!!! Copy paste standard bs email is all I get from them.
    I requested a refund. Nothing……
    This company is FRAUD.
    There are trustworthy sellers from China out there. Make sure to make background check before ordering. I didnt and got screwed.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Moyola on October 8, 2012 #

    I purchased a China made HDC Galaxy note 2 from fastcardtech.com. It took 10 days from making payment to reach me using EMS. What I like about this phone is the fantastic build quality, beautiful LCD screen made by Sharp, superb battery life and fast processor. Too bad the Android 4.1.1 Jelly bean advertised is actually really ICS 4.0.4. Well worth the money. I give it 5 stars.

    • Replied by chris on December 4, 2013 #

      shut up you chinese plant!! you work for the company liar!!!

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by ingsdio on September 19, 2012 #

    THIS WEBSITE>>>fastcardtech.com<<<<<< is BY FAR the most corrupt CHEAP CHINA CELLPHONE website to deal with. They are good at their game, but the end results will have your $$$$ blowing out the window. They lead you on with countless excuses UNTIL YOU GIVE UP..!! And then your out all your money…and even the BAIT of DHL Express Delivery if your stupid enough to believe that…..

    I suppose their might be someone out there that actually received something from them, or it is posted online to suppose that may have happened. But I think they have all the bases covered, as they counter any claims and retaliate to cover up their track to LURE MORE SUCKERS LIKE ME…!!

    So BEWARE you were warned, unless someone have an actual wants to show their face, NOT CHINESE holding something that proves that this website is legitimate. This is a GRAND SCAM of a website…go ahead and look. Delcious Bait, but DO NOT BITE…Especially HDC Galaxy S III Pro, 8mm thin, yeah…sure….They really like you to bite that big one…and suck out your head.


  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by isiblco on September 11, 2012 #

    I bought a phone for 278,53 $
    It has arrived and was out of function & like used!!
    The service wrote, send it back – I do

    The traking showed me, it has arrived!!

    NO E-Mail, NO Phone, NO Money!!
    Telefon gekauft für 210€
    Ist angekommen und hat leider nicht funktioniert
    und machte einen “gebrauchten” Eindruck

    Ich wurde aufgefordert, das Telefon zurückzuschicken.
    -erledigt, auf MEINE Kosten!

    Alle weiteren E-Mails wurden ignoriert, nach dem ich die Trackingnummer mitgeteilt hatte!
    Diese zeigte natürlcih, dass es angekommen ist!

    210€ plus Rückporto für die Katz

    Nie wieder Fastcardtech!!
    In meinen Augen Betrug!!

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by heyboto on September 9, 2012 #

    Fascartech has stolen to me. Every day I send an e-mail asking why they didn’t returned me my phone, and they have stopped communicating with me. If you don’t want you steal DO NOT BUY in fascardtech.

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