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GearBest.com offers cool gadgets, cell phones, tablet pcs, computers, electronics and men’s clothing, etc.

GearBest is more than just a shopping site, it’s designed for gadget lovers by gadget lovers. GearBest.com offers cool gadgets and electronics including cell phones, tablet PCs, mobile accessories like power banks, cell phone cases, bluetooth keyboards, projectors, memory cards, car GPSs, car DVRs, LED lights, flashlights, MP3 & MP4 players, headsets, IP cameras, action toys, radio control toys, animation figures, as well as the latest men’s fashion products including jackets, hoodies, shirts, t-shirts, watches, etc.

Contact Information:

Address: N/A

Tel: +1-899-138-0318

Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card

Shipping Methods: DHL, EMS, FedEx

Domain Name Register Date: 2013-12-16

Coupon Code:
Grab the coupon "SMALLTOYS", enjoy 15% off for all small toy @GearBest, 500 times limited, ends on Oct.31.2017.
End Date: 2017-10-30

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  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Carlos Manuel Lezon Bouças on April 8, 2019 #

    Gearbest is a shop where tere’s no problem with anything!

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Mohamed on April 4, 2019 #

    It’s my best website i have bought more than 200 order , fast shopping , good support , big deals , good coupons …..
    I advice to bought from it .

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Irina on April 3, 2019 #

    Prices have become much more than other sites, there was almost nothing to buy. There used to be a lot of buyers. Support quickly responds that pleases

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Rokas Siskauskas on April 3, 2019 #

    I’ve placed more than 20 orders via GearBest and it’s always been a pleasant experience dealing with them. Orders arrive on time and in great condition. Quality of the products are much better than any other shop that allows you to buy products from overseas. Best thing is that they have an application which offers great bonuses for using it which are daily login points and App only offers which allows you to purchase those great items for even cheaper than they are advertised.

    Overall 10/10, highly recommended.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Andrei on April 2, 2019 #

    I am a longtime buyer in the Gearbest store! I love this store, for great discounts on products that I buy. In my country, these products are much more expensive! There were rare cases when transport companies did not deliver my packages. Gearbest tech support always politely offers a refund or re-ordering the goods! I am very pleased with the work of the Gearbest store! By my birthday, Gearbest sent me a discount coupon for a very favorable amount! It is always nice to receive gifts. Recently I ordered a new phone for my wife’s gift. The price was very profitable! The package is on the way. I look forward to sending from my favorite store. Feel free to buy! Gearbest will not disappoint! All successful purchases!

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Junio Carneiro on March 29, 2019 #

    Muito boa loja bons preços

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Begovski on March 29, 2019 #

    GearBest is one of my favorite online stores because prices are low, there is a system of discounts and points and I am very pleased with a customer service. I was able to resolve all of my problems with product orders I had.

    In the future, I will continue to buy in this store. I feel safer to buy from gearbest then from anyone on ebay.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Ania on March 28, 2019 #

    I have already bought many times in Gearbest and I have never been disappointed. Their products are wonderful, of good quality and they have offers that I can not fail to waste. The shipments arrive in my country in a month, well sealed and in good shape.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Dario Lembcke on March 27, 2019 #

    I like GearBest the most of the china shop websites.
    But why? There are a huge amount of products offered for very good prices. None of my ordered products was lost on shipping or needed to be processed at customs. One time they send me the wrong item but when I contaced the (very friendly and fast responding!) support, they send me the correct product and I had not to send back the wrong item.
    Very nice shop!

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by S. on March 27, 2019 #

    Everything is fine with Gearbest. I made many orders so far, none was lost nor damaged.
    Prizes are OK, its always recomended to compare them with other shops. Even a defective part (arrived dead) was replaced. So, support and RMA are working. I can’t say anything negative. It is normal shopping..and waiting for a parcel from China is funny!

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Alexey on March 27, 2019 #

    Excellent shop! A large assortment. Discount system. Delivery through the mail service I need. The best site. Vip System

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Giacomo on March 27, 2019 #

    Di siti cinesi cet ne sono tanti e ne conosco diversi…gearbest rispetto agli altri ha una marcia in più..in primis servizio post vendita efficientissimo e sempre disponibile e poi la spedizione veloce opzionale che consente senza dogana di avere tutto in poco tempo.sono molto soddisfatto

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by giorgio v on March 26, 2019 #

    it’s almost two years I’ve started to buy on GearBest, and with a quite large amount of orders (from cheap gadgets to more expensive novelties) I’m truly satisfied about all of them, no exception.
    whenever someone suggest me a new Chinese website for shopping I’m always a little concerned about the usual stuff such as fake informations, fake goods, fake promises, with Gearbest I’ve never experienced a problem (till now) the product pages are well written and rich of informations, delivery times have always been met (with the exception of a few cases related to strikes or weather conditions) and even In those rare case I needed assistance I’ve always found a good listener (maybe a little slow) with a response to all of my doubts.
    so, after a bunch of purchases I can honestly say that I’m surprised about how well this shop is doing.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by João Mendes on March 25, 2019 #

    I’ve ordered many products on this site and I’m always satisfied.
    There are many discounts all the time!!
    I haven’t got any problems so far.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Ozkan Varda on March 24, 2019 #

    My favorite shop in China is Gearbest,
    i can almost buy everything, for a good honest price.
    Most of the time the items i buy will shipped in 24 hours, and i got them in the Netherlands round 10/14 days.
    Costumer service is very nice people, not that i needed them often, but the 1 time i needed service,
    the aftersale was very nice.

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