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Kookua.com offers wholesale products from China, including cell phone & accessories, electronics, video games, health & beauty, computers & networking, outdoor sports, clothing & apparel, shoes, jewelry & accessories, musical instruments, car electronics, toys & hobbies, surveillance, home & garden, etc.

Kookua is a B2C online trading platform, offering wholesale products from all over China, including wholesale consumer electronic, wholesale video game, wholesale shoes and so on.

Contact Information:

2105, 21/F, Dongquguoji No.1
Balizhuangxili, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100025

Tel: +86-10-85916233

Fax: +86-10-85916233

Payment Methods: PayPal, Western Union

Shipping Methods: EMS, DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, HK Air Post

Domain Name Register Date: 2009-06-22

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  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Kookuascam on July 16, 2012 #

    The site says the product will ship in 3 days. It does not mention it will ship from China and take an additional 2 weeks to arrive. The site boasts 24 hour customer support. I have never been able to reach live support, regardless of the day or time at which I try. When my product finally did arrive, it was broken. They asked me to send a picture, which I did. They asked me to return the product, which I did, and which cost $36. Weeks later, they had received the product, but did not contact me. When I contacted them, their only solution was for me to place another order (at my cost), and they would send me a new product and the old, broken one. THREE MONTHS AND 26 EMAILS LATER, after threatening legal action, Kookua finally refunded the purchase price, but refused to refund the postage, as they had promised. I BEG YOU NOT TO PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. This is a scam.

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