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SammyDress.com offers wedding dresses, special casual dresses, women’s clothing, cosplay costumes, intimate lingerie, men and women’s shoes, wigs, fashion jewelry, bags and accessories, home & living, men’s clothing, children’s toys, shoes, and many more.

SammyDress is an online fashion clothing store, a sub-company of Yigou International group, which is located in Shenzhen, China, adjacent to Hong Kong.

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Tel: +1-909-581-9508

Payment Methods: Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer, Western Union

Shipping Methods: Hong Kong Post, DHL, EMS, UPS

Domain Name Register Date: 2011-05-17

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  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by turnercandace on August 1, 2013 #

    I bought some dresses in this company for my wife .
    It’s so long time to wait–a mouth .
    But my wife like them very much .
    I think it is worthy of wait .

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by PendenqueKing on July 26, 2013 #

    I bought five dresses in this website .I have received two last week ,about another three they have refunded to me ,for they are out of stock .

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by AllenTameka on July 19, 2013 #

    i got the package from sammydress.com today .
    I like them

  • 4/5
    (4/5) Reviewed by Eladani on July 15, 2013 #

    their site is fantastic, the prices are very good, the products they sell are special and, in many cases, impossible to find on other websites or stores!
    I bought rings, bracelets and earrings and I got the same as the pictures on their website
    I love when I can get sales playing by turning the wheel, writing comments and posting the photos of the products received!
    the only bad thing are the long waiting times, have a little ‘breached with the times but I was still happy with what I received!
    I recommend it!

  • 3/5
    (3/5) Reviewed by Sanya on July 13, 2013 #

    The shipping is taking forever! I live in Canada and I made my order way back on June 19th, and now it’s July 13th. It’s taken more than two weeks for sure, and the stupid part is my item was a “24 hours” shipment thing. It still hasn’t come, I’m hoping it will. The good thing about this online store is that the item they had that I bought is one quarter of the price of the exact same item here in a Canadian store, if that makes sense. Other than shipping, I don’t really have a problem but I hope it comes soon.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Andreza on July 12, 2013 #

    Bought a shirt on sammydress and it’s a very nice product. Good quality and a good fabric. I will buy again.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by VaiariiWoods on July 12, 2013 #

    I have three orders in this company .
    Some of the items they have not shipped out .
    But they have refunded them .
    For they are out of stock .

  • 4/5
    (4/5) Reviewed by Sishola on July 11, 2013 #

    i have been shopping online at Sammydress.com for about a year now and i have to say the overall experience so far is satisfactory. good/reasonable prices + good quality product. delivery takes about a month to ship to canada, but i didn’t mind because it is an international shipment and there are sometimes unforseen delays like weather combined with customs/border process e.t.c.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Shelley on July 9, 2013 #

    I absolutely love shopping with Sammydress! Their items are unique and of excellent quality. The prices are affordable, and I am always browsing their websites for new arrivals! I would recommend shopping with Sammydress for great deals and fabulous items!


  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by anna on July 8, 2013 #

    Sammy dress is the best website for purchasing online clothes. It may sometimes take long for product to arrive but that is ridiculous compared to the excellent service they propose. There is such a wide choice and the quality-price is blameless!! I greatly advise this website and for the arrival time issue you can pay for fast shipping anyway. So really recommendable.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Olga on July 8, 2013 #

    I’m very happy that I find such a great store. Low prices, promotions, clearance and discounts. So many clothes and accessories. Will buy something again! Thanks! 🙂

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Agatha on July 8, 2013 #

    I think it’s page is very good! Low prices, good quality clothes, ect. I bought a lot of thing from this site: shoes, skirts, t-shirts and much more. Shipping time (by China Post) is long – about 1 month, but HK Post is faster to my country. I recommend this site in 100%!

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by ANgell on July 7, 2013 #

    “OMG, I just got my dress, and I AM 100% SATISFIED! The material feels so nice and smooth…I needed a dress for semi, and this dress is just perfect! The delivery wasn’t as long as I would expected, and their customer service is very good. They always reply.
    Love u~~Sammydress”

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Ale Ria on July 6, 2013 #

    When I did my shopping at sammydress.com have been very satisfactory, the quality of the clothes I like and of course the price I pay for the items.
    I definitely love this online store.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Engie Rodriguez on July 5, 2013 #

    • I honestly can say that I love this website, I red many people had problems with shipping and the products but in my experience I have not had any problems. I have ordered 4 times already and all the items I have bought come in the package. It takes more or less than a month for the package to arrive. I like the fact that if you buy jewelry it is free shipping. All the tops I have bought I love, great material and it fits perfectly. I am a s/m size 34a. I have had questions in the past about different products and they always answered me back right away. I really love this website, you will find unique clothes and jewelry.

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