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Latest review: I ordered a wedding dress from www.zoombridal.com on Mar 29th 2011. On their site it states it takes 20-25 days to ship bridal gowns, and they will send you updates on the status of your order. It has been 30 days and I have begun to wonder where my dress is. I have sent mutiple emails to the suppo... view all »
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Latest review: Ich habe eine Jacke für 38,-€ bestellt, Diese ware von der Qualität und dem Schnitt indiskutabel. Also sollte die Jacke zurück. Was ich bis dahin nicht wußte, war das eine Packetrücksendung mit Liefernachweis 48,-€ kostet. Also schickte ich die Jacke als Päckchen für 16,-€. Bei dem R... view all »
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Latest review: I purchased a dash cam from DinoDirect online on the 10th December 2016 USD$43.98 and they failed to send it. I gave it two months as the shipping from China can take two months. The beginning of March I opened up a case on their website and on 2nd March 2017 I they emailed the following. "Thanks f... view all »
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Latest review: Beware the fake five-star reviews - they cost LIghtInTheBox good money. They often don't really stock the items they claim to stock, and will tie up your money for as long as possible while they try to figure out how to get them from chinese retailers. They don't really have warehouses in your co... view all »
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