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ZoomBridal.com offers wholesale and retail wedding dresses, gowns, bridesmaid dresses, formal gowns and special occasions dresses.

Zoombridal.com, founded in 2009, is the online store that provides every new couple and bride the starter of honey life — suitable and attractive bridal dresses!

Contact Information:

3B, Yangguangdasha, Hekancun, Bantian AVE
Longgang District
Shenzhen 518000

Tel: +86-755-28449710

Payment Methods: Paypal, MoenyGram, Western Union

Shipping Methods: EMS, DHL, UPS, Fedex

Domain Name Register Date: 2009-09-22

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  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Kala on June 24, 2012 #

    I ordered a wedding dress from http://www.zoombridal.com on Mar 29th 2011. On their site it states it takes 20-25 days to ship bridal gowns, and they will send you updates on the status of your order.
    It has been 30 days and I have begun to wonder where my dress is. I have sent mutiple emails to the support email address at ZoomBridal, along with phone calls to their customer service number which is disconnected.
    It seems there is no way off getting ahold of this company. They have gotten many terrible reviews in the past. Some reviews stating the dresses came 2 months late and others where the site used false advertising and the dress was not made as the pictures described it, when recieved in the mail. I will definitly never shop at ZoomBridal again! I am still waiting on a reply to the many emails I have sent them. Save your Money, Time, and the Hassle and Don’t Shop at ZoomBridal it is a Scam!

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Unhappybride on May 27, 2012 #

    ***WARNING*** Do not order from this company!!!! I ordered my dress two months ago, and I still haven’t received it yet..it was ordered by size, not custom measurements. They charged me $33 for express shipping thru UPS, and then tried to claim they were unable to deliver to shipping address because it was a remote area…it’s a business address, in town,that receives packages weekly from UPS. Now they are supposedly shipping by a cheaper carrier, DHL….hmmmmm…smells like a scam to me!!! Wish I read these reviews before I had ordered from them. Will never order anything from them again!!! Just hoping when the dress does finally arrive it will be wearable! πŸ™

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