Latest review: 12/19/2011 I ordered a green laser pointer from YoTang. The only payment they would accept was via western union. (This should have been my first clue, but I trusted the person who told me about the website.) Payment sent within an hour. Accepted my $$, never sent product. view all »
Latest review: I would NEVER recommend to anyone. My experience has been horrific! I placed my order for a $69 bridesmaid dress. Vankle charged me $42 S/H. I approved $114 for the purchase of the dress but my bank account was charged $119. When I questioned Vankle, they blamed it on my bank. I had to co... view all »
Rating 3.92/5
3.92/5    Read all 177 reviews
Latest review: Order the flashlight C8 XM-L T6 2000LM 5 Modes White Light LED Flashlight from Tmart, got it after almost 2 months and it is NOT 2000LM as advertised. Email them and they want me to return to them with paid postage. Not worth my money so I did not send back. Found the same thing but cheaper on e... view all »
Rating 3.63/5
3.63/5    Read all 16 reviews
Latest review: I tried to buy some products and the order was acknowledged, but then put on hold. I randg and they asked me to send a photocopy of my credit card statement through email (unsecure)Then I notice pending charge on my bank statement, am I going to be ripped off I wonder? view all »
Rating 3.23/5
3.23/5    Read all 43 reviews
Latest review: I've purchased a lot of stuff from Aliexpress over the last two years. A lot. I have only had a few problems. Complaints are sent directly to the vendor, and most will resolve the issue via refund or replacement. I ran into two vendors that gave me nothing but email promises. One was a company calle... view all »
Rating 3.85/5
3.85/5    Read all 104 reviews
Latest review: Yo no les puedo llamar otra cosa que sinvergüenzas. Después de entretenerme más de dos meses con la llegada del móvil, el aparto no llegó. Me ofrecieron empezar de nuevo, cupones descuento....Harta de ellos pedí la devolución del dinero. Y sí, me lo devolvieron pero se quedaron con una cant... view all »
Rating 2.5/5
2.5/5    Read all 2 reviews
Latest review: I purchased last month a cell phone and found very good and quality was an excellent. The main things amazed me was its price that was most cheap on the same standard cell phones. Though the delivery and shipping process is very slow yet I found that product was reliable. view all »
Latest review: The range of different products they offer is huge. And for the price you don’t need to look futher on the net. They deliver excellent quality and almost every time the item is shipped fast. When there occurs a problem they give a quick response. They solve it really well. My complimens to them!Th... view all »
Latest review: The Service was lousy and then all I got was storys from 2 different people, Now they tell me they are out of stock after waiting another 2 weeks to find out this, They lost the first order and sent it to California, I live in Oregon can' t believe how screwed this company is, Can't even get the ad... view all »
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