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Unm-Fashion.com offers Japan fashion, Korea fashion and China fashion includes: winter jackets and coats for women, junior ladies party dresses, cute T-shirts, Hot ladies tank tops, stylish outer wears, etc.

Unm-Fashion.com is an online ladies fashion wholesaler. It’s for Japan & Korea & China style fashion wholesale. Unm-Fashion.com supplies most fashionable clothing & magazines style ladies apparel internationally. Unm-Fashion can do fashion wholesale, retail and dropshipping.

Contact Information:

2nd Floor, NO.15, Lane 613, Suide road, Putuo District, Shanghai 200333, China

Tel: +86-21-32550483; +86-13918468139

Payment Methods: PayPal, Western Union , Wire Transfer

Shipping Methods: EMS, DHL, UPS, TNT

Domain Name Register Date: 2009-07-01

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  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by iposolain on January 14, 2013 #

    im really dissapointed to unm-fashion
    i order from them.. i already pay full n tell them to send my item on the next day.
    But they forget send my item. they said that they too busy so FORGET to send it
    ok that the first problem.. But Im not angry about it.
    the second is.. they send me the wrong item. And when i tell them in msn, they told me to send the picture of the wrong item to them. so I email them on friday… And they say that they will check it and reply me ASAP.
    so i ask them again about my item, and they ask me to send the picture Againnn
    So i send it again, and they reply me say that they cant refund me cos the item they send to me is more expensive than my order item!
    I dont understand.. i already order so many times from AFW, Asia Dress, Yoyo n other place.. If they send me the wrong item, They will refund me full.. Only UNM like this!! Its not my fault, why I cant get back my money???
    Is it really wrong if I just want my money back?
    Cos its not the first time I get wrong Item from Supplier.
    Usually in other supplier if they send me wrong, they will refund me Full although the wrong items is more expensive…

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