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Vankle.com Features fine jewelry in 50%-80% OFF the retail price, including rings, earrings, necklace,bracelets in materials like diamond, K Gold, Gemstone.

Vankle.com, is a global ecommerce website, Founded in 2008 and Launched online in the same year. Headquartered in Hong Kong, it is one of the world’s fastest-growing online jewelry website with average 200% monthly growth targeting over 500,000 customers from over 200 countries.
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    (1/5) Reviewed by Sarah on May 16, 2012 #

    I would NEVER recommend Vankle.com to anyone. My experience has been horrific! I placed my order for a $69 bridesmaid dress. Vankle charged me $42 S/H. I approved $114 for the purchase of the dress but my bank account was charged $119. When I questioned Vankle, they blamed it on my bank. I had to contact the bank and report the purchase as an unauthorized purchase in order to get my money back. It took over a month for the dress to come despite what the website said. I contacted customer service and they had an excuse for everything and constantly gave me the run around. Once I finally received the dress, it was not as displayed on the site. I had ordered a brown dress and receive a brown and blue dress. When I contacted customer service they told me this was the standard color combination that I chose. I told them that i never chose blue and no where did it say that the brown dress automatically came with a blue sash. The company refused to pay for return shipping and refused to refund anything more than $69. What a MESS!! DO NOT BUY FROM VANKLE.COM

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