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HobbyWOW.com offers RC helicopter, RC quadcopter multicopters and parts, etc.

HobbyWOW.com is an international online store and professional wholesaler for RC Models since 2010. HobbyWOW specializes in providing high qualified wholesale
RC items at lowest factory-direct prices. The product lines of HobbyWOW.com mainly cover RC Helicopters, Mini Helicopters, RC Muliticopters, FPV series, Helicopters parts, Radio Systems, Motor & ESC, Batteries & Charges, RC Airplanes, Tools, etc.

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Domain Name Register Date: 2012-05-09

Gaoneng GNB 11.1V 850mah 80C Batterie Lipo pour Drone Racing
End Date: 2017-10-22

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    (1/5) Reviewed by Mark on September 14, 2015 #

    I purchased a Pathfinder 2 w609-8 hexicopter from hobbywow and received a faulty drone about 2 weeks later. I contacted hobbywow customer service just after opening the drone box and found that the HD camera did not work fully. The next day 2 rear motors failed during my pre-flight checks. I contacted hobbywow customer again to inform them of this new problem. Customer service wanted me to send pictures and videos of the problems I was having and they replied with possible troubleshooting fixes. I did not purchase a new drone to have to troubleshoot problems. I sent hobbywow with all the pictures and videos they wanted and they replied with 3 possible ways these problems occurred. All where my fault! For about 2 weeks I and hobbywow exchanged emails trying to come to an agreement on how these drone problems would be fixed. Instead of hobbywow sending out a new drone and a prepaid return shipping label so I could send the faulty one back, they are sending me 2 new motors so I can repair my own new drone. This was my first time dealing with hobbywow and will be my last. I will be copying this review and pasting it on other hobby review sites warning others of this incompetent company and their customer service.

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