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Marcmart.com offers electronics, industrial accessories, car accessories, music instruments, lighting, sporting equipments, etc.

Marcmart.com is a China based general trading and wholesale company located in the city of Guangzhou, China.

Contact Information:

Guangzhou Rantion Trading Co., Ltd.

Room 2609, 6th Floor, 2nd Building, Guangfo Shu Zi Chuang Yi Yuan
No.48 Long Xi East Road, Liwan District
Guangzhou, Guangdong

Tel: N/A

Payment Methods: PayPal, Western Union, Wire Transfer

Shipping Methods: HK Post, UK Post, DHL, EMS

Domain Name Register Date: 2009-10-20

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  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by lxl_q_lxl on January 13, 2014 #

    I recently tried to purchase the MK808B from one of marcmart’s Ebay store marcmart.ukau. I contacted marcmart.com and they said that it was one of theirs.

    After paying for the item I received a message saying that the item was out of stock. It still shows 3 available–against Ebay’s ToS. I was offered an inferior replacement along with me having to pay the difference. I refused. I looked at their store and saw that they had something that had similar physical characteristics which was the MK908. Since they wanted me to pay the difference for the inferior product I added that I would not be willing to pay the difference. Over the course of several messages I had to repeat that numerous times. Considering it appears that they do not comprehend English too well, I looked for a phone number to contact them. I found one but it is not reachable–again against Ebay’s ToS. So the next message I added as much detail as I could because I could not get a reply quickly so I added as much as I could to hopefully keep the messages to a minimum. After several days I finally said if you send my money back now I will leave neutral feedback, and if you send the MK908 I will leave positive feedback, or if you send the MK808B in a timely manner I will leave neutral feedback. The item location shows that it was coming from Johnson City, Tennessee. They offered to send me one from China and said that it would take 10-15 days. Since I needed the item asap, I refused. Something else that I had to say over and over and I don’t think they still comprehend it.

    After they kept delaying, I finally said if you refund my money, I will give negative feedback, and if you send the MK908 I will give positive feedback. Since that would show that they are acknowledging their mistake and would be a sign of good faith, something plenty of companies do on a daily basis. That made them just delay more and more. Not wanting to receive negative feedback they just decided to do nothing but jerk me around. It appears that they want me to give positive feedback, for taking my money, and not sending the item purchased and or an acceptable replacement, or my money in a timely manner. I have no clue how they can think that would be acceptable. I am not a door mat.

    I will be avoiding this company like the plague, and advise most others to do so as well.

    Also I have yet to receive my money or anything and it’s been 7 days so far.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Yvoone on December 18, 2012 #

    Buy this amp!. It is loud, it is small, it’s silent when not connected but the volume is cranked.
    This little babe puts out. The treble is awesome, the base is good. I took a while to receive, but it
    was worth it. Works off of 12v dc – standard polarity, and is ideal in a mobile, car, RV setting.
    no tax, and the shipping was free for me. Shipping took about a month but It was definitively worth the wait!
    It came with a 12v plug and 2 bare wired at the other end. Understand , If you want to use this thing on 120vac
    in a house setting you will need a full l2v adapter – not included. Just go to radio-shack.
    I give this product and company my full recommendations.

    • Replied by admin on December 18, 2012 #

      Note: The reviewer Yvoone uses a China IP address.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Teddy on December 18, 2012 #

    You would be hard pressed to get a better dual band . This Two-Way Radio has international settings. The radio is not FCC certified to transmit on any of the Marine VHF, MURS, FRS/GMRS, or business radio or emergency services radio frequencies that lie in these frequency ranges and operating in those frequency ranges with this HT will expose you to FCC action.
    You definitely will need the programming cable as the included directions are not enlightening for programming the radio with the keypad. The programming software for the radio is a minimal spreadsheet program. There are better free aftermarket alternatives (there is an active Yahoo group devoted to this radio, there are plenty of Youtube videos, and there is an aftermarket programming package called CHIRP which is a better software program). Make sure that you firmly attach the cable as failure to attach the cable properly will lead to frustration.
    The stock antenna is ok if you live under a repeater. For those not living under a repeater an aftermarket antenna is a good upgrade.
    For operational purposes the radio transmits and receives quite well and will operate for quite some time on the rechargeable battery that is included with the radio.

    • Replied by admin on December 18, 2012 #

      Note: The reviewer Teddy uses a China IP address.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Yvoone on December 18, 2012 #

    was looking to make my XR a full dual sport and street legal. This Motorcycle Speedometer is a no frills answer at a great price. Connected right up to the OEM cable and I mounted it to the original trip odometer bracket, wired into the light kit and all was good.

    • Replied by admin on December 18, 2012 #

      Note: The reviewer Yvoone uses a China IP address.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by zikei on December 18, 2012 #

    I like shopping with marcmart.com…the watch & sunglass looks great…& valuable for the price..shipped quickly…& a good quality..i bought them for a friend of me & it suits him nicely…

    • Replied by zikei on December 18, 2012 #

      I have only used this a couple of times so far. It very easy to install and set up. This device cover all the common uses of a scope and then some. If it proves to be durable this will be a gem. Thank you!

    • Replied by admin on December 18, 2012 #


      1) The reviewer zikei uses a China IP address.

      2) The reviewer zikei uses an email account provided by one of the most popular Chinese free email providers.

  • 2/5
    (2/5) Reviewed by Prays on July 19, 2012 #

    Еще магаз marcmart.com в черный список. Пришел зарядник IMAX B6 с. На самом заряднике не хватает кнопки.
    При включении сам переключается, пищит. Открыл – не хватает резюка на кнопке, поставил, кнопки заработали.
    Черный банан не втыкается в разъем, банан больше разъема. Взял провод от другого зарядника. Воткнул отбалансированный аккум (проверял напряжение на каждой банке 4.2) – 4.19 4.19 4.22 4.19 4.19 4.19 т.е. часть перезаряжает, часть недозаряжает.
    Хотел вернуть бабки или товар новый получить. На почту не отвечает. На форму внутри заказа тоже не отвечает.

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