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TradeTang.com is the global marketplace for china wholesale cell phones and accessories, electronics, apparel, makeup, jewelry, sporting goods, musical instruments and more china wholesale products from China wholesalers.

TradeTang.com is the fastest growing internet platform in China. The headquarter of TradeTang.Com is located in CBD (Central Business Districts), downtown Beijing, famous for its good commercial atmosphere and convenient source of information reception and distribution, holding the unparallel geographical advantage. Unlike other worldwide commercial platforms, the TradeTang.com is a globalized B2B wholesale center that collects made-in-China merchandise all over the country from sellers directly link to the manufacturers.
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  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by ardnover on January 29, 2013 #

    I am sooo mad i order pair of shoes like a month ago in tradetang and i still havent reseve anything i dont know where to call or sent a mail so i can get my money back i paid $42/.00 please help mei dont know what to dooo i just want my money back..sooo please people dont buy anything from this company they will still your money and your never gonna resive anything in the mail… Can some one help meeee. Now im scare to buy anything in internet i dont trust none of this website i dont wanna get scam again

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by stsdome on November 1, 2012 #

    AVOID AT ALL COSTS. SUPPORTS FALSE ADVERTISING! I placed 2 orders with trade tang, the first was never recieved, the said they would re post, 2nd time item never recieved, took 10 weeks to get my refund.

    The second order was worse, recieved nothing like what I ordered, ordered “40 pce winnie the pooh mixed plush toys” (thinking mixed 4 x pooh characters), recieved mixed random unknown chinese crap not worth $2 not a single winnie the pooh character.
    Dispute process advised it stated “mixed plush Toys” so I am in the wrong, despite the wording “winnie the pooh mixed plush toys” being the full description listed with only pictures of Winnie Pooh characters, not even a slight mention of other characters and shapes plush toys and certainly no photos other than 4 x winnie the pooh soft toys. return postage was $85 so I believe seller knew i would not return it due to postage costs so decided they would offload thier crap they cant sell to me. Dispute process was a scam very long and very irritating. after about 15 messages back and forth to trade tang, the girl handling the dispute told me, she was unfamiliar with the items and the listing, that was after she told me I was wrong as the listing stated “mixed plush toys”, how can she come to that conclusion if she never looked at the listing. The seller provided false advertising yet were not required to amend or penalised by Trade Tang in anyway, when I questioned what they would do to ensure the seller does not do it again, thier response was the feedback i leave for them is thier penalty, so I believe they support dodgy selling. after 10weeks I threatened to make a claim with my credit card company and report them to the Australian concumer commission to which they agreed to settle on a $50 refund (still out of pocket for $85, but was over the headache of it all) and left with $#*! I cant even give away. Trade Tang apear to support dodgy selling and I would avoid this seller and trade tang at all costs! I have bought through hundreds of overseas and online sellers for both personal and for my business and never had such issues.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by therldb on August 4, 2012 #

    This website is China providers based. I only created one buy from here and it was foroakleysunglasses, fortunately for me I’m only out $30 because the only advantage of this website is that the deal is not released unless client is somewhat satisfied. More bad details is that if there is an disagreement knows that tradetang will aspect with the proprietor not the consumer so if the proprietor provides you only 50 % a compensation tradetang will say take it or keep it very much (which is why I never got a finish refund). Better to just keep with Amazon and EBay. Actually just keep away from all chinese suppliers based companies offering Combined Declares items at a low quantity.

  • 2/5
    (2/5) Reviewed by envirobad on May 12, 2012 #

    I also did purchase an item from Tradetang which seems to put in cotnact direct electronic factory from China to us with a control service.

    Service is not easy to use because in severals steps anc could be especially time consuming in case of reclamamtion as for me. The item has been shipped and received very quickly, but jsut to find out that what was shown as an original is just a cheap copy in fact (looks 98% alike, but has onky 35% of the function). As always, how come a 450$ product is sold there for 110$ including shipping? the answer : a copy!! Most of the products sellers indicate that they sell a copy (you can ask them, they will reply) but no mine. At least my dual chip phone works.
    My item is a bad copy, tradetang ask me to return the item with a tracking number (but more then 50$ when I bought the item 113$). Tradetang communication are summarized by:
    sorry for your inconvenience, please return the item with a tracking number. They do not answer any question you ask. They just reply like a robot.

    this site is only good if you are looking for a cheap copy of something… at your own peril because if in trouble, you will deal with a chinese robot somewhere in the world.

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