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1Buycart.com offers security system, tablets and network, mp3 mp4 players, cell phone, camera & camcorders, car accessories, video game, home video & theater, apples accessories and so on.

1Buycart.com is a Chinese based wholesale company located in the city of Shenzhen, the global manufacturing and sourcing center of electronic products.

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Tel: N/A

Payment Methods: PayPal, Western Union, Bank Transfer

Shipping Methods: FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS, DHL, HongKong Post

Domain Name Register Date: 2011-02-24

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  • 2/5
    (2/5) Reviewed by Finlayson on September 15, 2012 #

    I purchased a Ninetendo DS from 1buycart via Ebay on Jan 1, 2011 that doesn’t work. It was my 9 year old daughters primary Christmas gift. It worked for a week after she received it on Christmas day, but it will not take a charge. I tried three different chargers but to no avail – the DS does not work. I went back and forth with seller via Email. Seller promised to make it good if I would just give him the opportunity to make it right. We went back and forth and I waited and waited for a chip he said was coming in mail. The complaint window of time on Ebay ran out and I realized that 1buycart was buying time so he/she didn’t have to make good the product. I called Ebay help this morning and was told that this seller has a series of like complaints. I requested that they shut this seller down ASAP. I was told that they would. Do not trust this buyer – you will get burned.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Lieut on August 31, 2012 #

    This company is selling counterfeit products

    This company states they have a warranty and return policy however they attempt to get you to NOT contact the manufacturer if there is a problem.

    The company attempted to get me to pay for repairs myself and they would send me a junk spiff as compensation.

    The company does NOT stand behind ANY sale when contacted about issues there response was “Can you deal with the person you bought the product from” this was an internet sale!!!

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