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  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Petre on September 1, 2012 #

    This is a painful ripoff considering it was days to my Nuptial and I needed the money and the suit sown. Was hoping to get a custom made suit only to find a karikature suit wrinkled with no cut behind and no sape. Not even a begger would want to use it.

    When I received it, I immediately planned to return it and I used the address on the manifest. The seller claimed never receivng it even though I gave him the tracking number. He also claimed that I should have contacted him for the right address before shipping it back.

    How he has refused getting my money back and has been dribbling me since July. The Escow mediation by Aliexpress basically supports the seller all the way and wants me to beg him to at least give me some money back. It’s a breeding site for scammers and the pictures displayed are all fake and it amounts to buying a wrag.

    I finally succumbed to begging the seller since its not a US site and I can’t sue their ass off but I doubt I will get even half of what I spent. Still hoping I get something..Wedding is over now with extra credit bills since I had to rush to macys to get something. Should have done that from the onset..Screwed!!!

  • 4/5
    (4/5) Reviewed by lilmizs on August 27, 2012 #

    This is an update(3 week) on my queen weave beauty Brazilian virgin hair that i purchased on aliexpress. I love this hair.. so happy that I took the risk! I purchased a 14 and 16 inch bundle, that was more than enough hair because my head is small!

    Pros.. DOES NOT tangle, takes color(ombre), curl pattern still intake, after a cowash the dry ends were gone, curls back up after straightening( tested on some extra hair),no dye ran after initial co wash, no lice or nits, thick bundles.

    Con… minimal shedding(very minimal) in my 16 inch bunddle, hard wefts,beards, the curl pattern in the bundles were slightly different

    For a more details, pictures,review check out my honest youtube

    would i purchase again…yes!
    Installation done myself!

  • 4/5
    (4/5) Reviewed by Jillian on August 26, 2012 #

    I’ve used Ali express once with good results. I just placed a second order. They take a few weeks.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by ankindiv on August 18, 2012 #

    I heard really great reviews about this hair AliExpress Malaysian Curly. here’s the link to the hair ladies:
    http://www.aliexpress.com/store/group/Malaysian-Vrigin-Human-Hair-Weave/208831_211445087.html . so i decided to try it out. I got it yesterday (3-4 day free shipping) and I co-washed it. I think it looks pretty good so far. I’m going to install it today.

  • 2/5
    (2/5) Reviewed by Baled on August 14, 2012 #

    Last month i ordered Hyundai A7 HD Tablet from Aliexpress and supplier charged me $130 for tablet.When i received the item, i was shocked because the tablet is very low quality and different model.And tablet doesn’t even got motion sensor and charging is upto 30min only.Then i opened a dispute in aliexpress.But aliexpress asking me to return the tablet to get refund.But if i return the product i need to pay $63.That means half amount.So i will get half refund.I don’t know why aliexpress protecting supplier instead of me.Aliexpress know that supplier is cheater and scammer and still they are protecting him.So there is no buyer protection in Aliexpress. Beware of this website.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by lilmizs on August 4, 2012 #

    I purchased a 14in and 16 inch bundle
    with my own money from….Queen Weave Beauty
    virgin Brazilian hair loose curl/wave http://www.aliexpress.com/product-fm/547657909-14-26-Loose-curl-wavy-Queen-Weave-Beauty-Virgin-Hair-natural-color-no-tangle-virgin-non-wholesalers.html

    here is the review


    The only thing i left out was the customer service review, Anne is amazing and honestly she was the only vendor I corresponded with that admitted the hair was not from Brazil but steam processed Chinese/ or Indian hair.
    she responded in a timely fashion, she sent me exactly what i asked for true to color and length
    she even sent a cute eye liner pencil as a gift which was nice
    dhl i feel made me wait to long compared to other qwb reviews

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by ppgomez73 on July 25, 2012 #

    Stay away from these crooks : http://www.aliexpress.com/store/804535



  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Abigail Dapaah on July 22, 2012 #

    Recently I’ve purchased some AliExpress hair!
    Initial Review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9AgWW_TfGw

    This is my first time purchasing virgin hair in general. Also my first time purchasing on Aliexpress. i bought Brazilian remy virgin hair in silky straight. I’ve purchased 20″, 18″ and 16″

    I must say I LOOOOVE this hair! This is my first time purchasing virgin hair so I probably don’t know the variety of qualities but, its a LOT better than the beauty supply store hair though!

  • 4/5
    (4/5) Reviewed by funrchip on July 21, 2012 #

    I was having the problem last week! Like is aliexpress.com legit? Like should I buy flat iron or not? Buying it for my girlfriend not for me haha. My friends said they bought it from there too. And it was legit!!! I had my doubts but I got a really good deal.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by anirudh on July 20, 2012 #

    Just received my E13ctron S4 from Jacky Nie and here are my impressions.

    Jacky was extremely quick to respond to all my questions and does his best to help out in any way he can. The only option of shipping available to India was EMS for 22$ (!) and even though I would have bought it at that price, Jacky gave me the option of China Mail for 6$ only. After agreeing upon the new rate, the excited me purchased the case before he could change the shipping to the revised rate. He refunded the remaining amount to my paypal account right away.

    The case was shipped in 2 days of placing the order and even though the tracking number did not work (still shows “No Information on Package”), I was surprised when I came home to find the package waiting for me. It took just 8 days for delivery and considering I paid 6 bucks for shipping, I’d say its amazing!

    The case itself was packed perfectly. I got the black top and silver bottom. Comes with a total of 10 star screws and a nifty little screwdriver. Installing the case was a breeze and took all of 5 minutes. The case does add a little width to the phone, but feels really good in the hand (much better than the Apple bumper). Now there is a ‘Pro’ version of the E13ctron available that has the screws on the back but I find having the silver screws on the front gives it an industrial look when combined with the glass of the phone (again, this is just my opinion). Also the Pro version has a single cutout for both the volume and silent toggle which I find just ugly and lazy. No problems in pushing the volume buttons (i don’t have any nails) but the Sleep/ Wake button is just a little more recessed than I would like.

    Case reception interference (if any) were minimal and here are the results

    open on table -75 to -89
    open in hand -85 to -92

    case on table -89
    case in hand -89

    It sometimes even goes up to -75 with the case. Had no issues with WiFi, GPS or 3G services.

    The only two gripes I have with this case is a slight QC issue on the top right hand corner on the back (see pic) and the fact that the silver bezel of the phone is visible at the bottom. Otherwise I am really liking the look of the case and the overall quality.

    All in all, highly recommended. You certainly get more than what you paid for

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by nodee on July 20, 2012 #

    First buy on AliExpress.com was a success alhamdulillah! they arrived exactly 7 days after I ordered them.

    I now browse AliExpress.com on a daily basis and am trying to search almost everyyyything that I could think of. seriously. semua benda atas dunia ni are made in China lagipun kan? hehehe.

  • 4/5
    (4/5) Reviewed by Leyen on July 15, 2012 #

    Their pricing is way cheap since most of the companies are in China and are wholesaler. However, their products are good quality. I would warn that you should give yourself some time for orders to arrive since their products have to sometimes go through customs. Otherwise, they come carefully packaged. Don’t get discourage if you only need small quantity. Some of the wholesalers on this website will sell small quantity like 10 to 15 at a time but you can find so many things so cheap. It is great especially when trying to buy large quantity of a certain item.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by imperfectbeauty0 on June 11, 2012 #

    This video is a review of the Virgin Brazilian Body Wave hair that I purchased from Aliexpress.com The vendor’s name is Jiang Liu and the details will be posted below.


    No Shipping Cost

    2 x 18″ bundles $84.21
    2 x 20″ bundles $89.47

    Total paid: $173.68

  • 3/5
    (3/5) Reviewed by pissazac on June 8, 2012 #

    Always buy on seller with good reviews. Avoid new ones. Most common scams you’ll encounter are, sellers will send you wrong items, either wrong size or bad quality items. When asked about the quality, they will lie. When you received it, you will faint. It’s a trash! Once you found a good seller who sells good quality items, you better stick to them coz it’s hard to find another seller who sells the same quality item.

  • 2/5
    (2/5) Reviewed by Trevor Jones on May 1, 2012 #

    Be very careful buying expensive (eg. electronic) goods from AliExpress/AliBaba.

    Even though they claim to offer buyer protection through Escrow, the harsh reality is:

    1. I have informed them of an obvious fraud, and they have ignored it. Meanwhile another user on this site was ripped off on Alibaba/Express in a similar way (see below).

    2. Their mediation process is very slow – taking 10 days to even start. Then they seem rather blase about the whole thing (see point 1) and biased towards the vendor

    3. If you return the item, YOU will probably have to pay for tracked postage, which can be alot.

    4. Even then, the vendor can claim that they received a used, damaged or different object. Tracking cannot prove otherwise. So you lose your money and all leverage.

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