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    (1/5) Reviewed by Aleksandr Reshkin on April 27, 2017 #

    I bought a smartphone Elephone p-8000.
    Order 20151110666424. When ordering add paid 2 years warranty. The initial price 165.98 USD
    Delivered a defective smartphone. I sent at my expense for repair 8.95 USD. For eliminating the factory marriage, 48 USD were requested.
    To compensate for my costs of the delivered, I received the code for a discount, but it turned out that it can only pay 10% of the cost. After my appeal they said that it is possible and 100%. As a result, the code could not pay anything, since I was informed that payment was not received.
    When the smartphone came back it turned out that the marriage was not eliminated. Again sent the entire kit to China for 15.75 USD.
    I asked to return me the spent 238.68 USD.
    As a result, after 3 months I was offered to simply return the defective phone.
    Summary: scammers, defective phones, no guarantee, repair is not quality, no one will compensate your costs.
    Beware of ordering on this site

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Maggie Strzelecka on July 12, 2016 #

    One of the worst companies I ever came across. NEVER order anything from them. I actually think they might be fraudsters as as soon as I purchased and paid for a phone, the required every single personal information like copy of my ID, bank card copy (front and back) bank statements and god knows what else. This straight away started ringing alarm bells. I told them that I would never send them all of this as if you have all of that info, you can easily steal my identity or defraud me. So then all they needed is screenshot of my bank showing the funds coming out (with blacked out details). This conversation took 5 days. 5 DAYS!! Finally I hear from them saying that actually, now the phone is not in stock (I did pay for expedited delivery, over £14, so I would have the phone when I get back from holidays). I then asked them for a refund so I can purchase the phone elsewhere. They didn’t respond for 3 days and then said please wait, we don’t know when it will arrive, but wait. I said no, refund me right now. I asked about 5 times now, and they keep on ignoring it, trying to shove some other phone on me (who knows what it is since they’re sending me a SKU number instead of an actual name!!) instead. I constantly ask for refund, still nothing. Absolute shambles, and fraudsters. I will never ever order anything from this ‘company’. Total joke.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Abhishek Vaish on October 25, 2015 #

    This is For Coolicool

    Respected Authority,

    My order no: – “20151013360030” – And I’m going to present this Case in front of
    “International Court of Justice” & “Consumers International” & “International Chamber of Commerce” &

    I have Lot of proof not been able to attach all, so her i’m attaching some proof of Benchmarking / Battery Testing / Media Testing Screen-shots Of This Purchased Mobile from your website, Comparing with Real One Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

    I’m very much disgraced and distorted after getting this poor quality phone, actually a exact bad “malpractice of duplicate phone” from your website, i have already checked each and every specification of mobile & it has several discrepancy “and being a mobile blogger I have to published this “fraudulent” into my blog – publicly as well”, so such as following problem with this mobile are:-

    1) Extremely Worst Most “Battery Backup”, just drained out more then 55-60% in a day without doing anything on phone, it shows that it’s a “Carbon Copy”,

    2) A very pathetic main camera, which camera quality is not just comparable to even lower then “5MP” Camera though it’s a 13MP camera, that’s tell it’s a “Copy Of Original Phone”,

    3) Some feature doesn’t work like Voice Search on Web, not even workable just for show nothing else, another sign of “Duplicate Phone”,

    4) Even the in-built software for battery boosting purpose hasn’t show any performance even after tuned it into a best position, this reflect “Dupe Product”,

    5) A new untouched phone just got hanged every time while using “internet” and “app store” – a point of “Replica Produce”,

    6) Or the accessories comes with mobile is a fair enough “Xerox of Original One”,

    7) Original One Redmi Has It’s Own QR Code Scanner In-Built,”Another Hint Of Fake Product”,

    8) And i’m not been able to do the What’s App Call to any one,what the hell it is this………….!

    So, after noticing and comparing with a “‘Real One Mobile” – its shows me that you’re making “Fools” to customer and dealing as “Treachery”, that’s lead you to”COURT OF CONDUCT IN AGAINST CUSTOMER PRECEDENCE” as i have every “PROOF” of it…..!


    AND Most Important that I will send this one copy to Xiaomi Company As Well to bring it in notice.

    Thanking you for being UN-supportive.

    CAUTION: – “RESPONSE TO THIS EMAIL FOR YOUR OWN WELFARE – SHORTLY ,Otherwise I have to file a case against this in POLICE”

    Abhishek Vaish

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