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Gadgetsdealer.com offers electronics gadgets, accessories, wedding dresses, car DVD players, sports equipments and so on.

Gadgetsdealer.com is a China wholesale electronics & accessories and home, office, outdoor supplies online store.

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Address :N/A
Tel: +1-917-828-2193

Payment Methods: PayPal, Western Union

Shipping Methods: DHL, EMS, FedEx, UPS

Domain Name Register Date: 2011-10-07

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  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Marie on February 23, 2013 #


    • Replied by gadgetsdealer on July 25, 2013 #

      We are so sorry about this. what kind of problem did you meet? please contact us, we will try our best to help you.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by AV on February 21, 2013 #

    Don’t buy from them, got scratched, used and not working merchandise. They refused to take it back. Paypal finaly decided I have a right to get my money back but I have to pay for the shipping to China.
    Paypal also requested a tracking number but to China from the USA you don’t get a tracking number.
    So after many weeks of writing and complaining I still don’t have my money back .
    Gadgetsdealer is the worst scammer company I ever experienced. Stay away from them.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by andrea on February 17, 2013 #

    Places my order, got nothing!! emailed the company… nothing… spent more on shipping than my actual order!! PISSED is not even the word!!!!!! wish i looked here first

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Matt swindlehurst on February 15, 2013 #

    These guys are scammers!!! Don’t ever buy from them! Brought a microphone which took 4 weeks before they shipped it and that was only after making a PayPal dispute! After another 4 weeks it arrived but did not go at all!!

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Marie on February 13, 2013 #

    I am still waiting for my order they don’t answer my emails I have been waiting over a month I wish I had read the reviews I would nver have ordered

    • Replied by Agnieszka Wejna on April 14, 2013 #

      Same here! I ordered a jacket from them and I still haven’t receive it! I sent them 2 emails already, but they don’t even bother replying! I’m not happy and want my money back.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by cidrc on February 2, 2013 #

    I ordered a mobile phone, i9220 Android 4.0 3G allegedly supported and Greek. Eventually it was fully localized menu, which I configure it with a program. The camera only eight megapixel was not. Simple vga leniently. This time the phone goes off at regular intervals, without reason. For another phone while I ordered was in stock, I was told that is not available to me and returned the money. I have ordered other things, which I have not received all from October. Delivery time for what I received was more than one month, up to two. The response gadgetsdealer e-mails to me, is unacceptable. The phone I have in my hands, mildly unacceptable. The situation is similar in many DEALERS working in ebay, Chinese who sell things degrading quality than what they advertise. Note that many of them receives them all. Ultimately, the market is considered safer in Greece at least, shop from my country. As for gadgetsdealer I find that this Complex as active on the internet, uncontrollably, unable to put them someone barriers and have similar impacts when it is consistent and creditworthy.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Tiffany Parker on February 1, 2013 #

    Absolutely shocking customer service. Orders take too long to ship and arrive broken and useless.

    I paid for EMS (express) shipping from China and the item was sent Fiji air – regular air mail. It took weeks to arrive and as it was a Birthday gift ultimately arrived too late.

    Then when it finally came the tablet had a huge crack running diagnally across the entire lower portion of the tablet. Not a superficial screen crack, this runs right through the tablet itself and under slight pressure completely opens up. The power conversion adaptor that should have been included in the box was also missing from the package.

    They are not cooperative. Communications are running for weeks with no results. The so called “customer service person” – and I use the term loosely – suddenly seems to have lost the ability to speak or comprehend English despite previous dialogues which prove otherwise.

    I will never buy from them again. I have paid $140 US dollars for an item that is damaged and completely unusable.

    I do not recommend using GadgetDealer. Although you may find initial orders come through you will surely be stuck at some stage. Had a read the hundreds of negative reviews readily available on the web prior to ordering I would not have given them my money.


  • 3/5
    (3/5) Reviewed by drfjm on January 27, 2013 #

    Today I received the “Android 4.0 mini PC”. It functions but I am very displease with your service. By sending two separate packages by separate firms I had to pay twice for the customs service. I therefore request you urgently not to send separate packages and not using different dispatchers, neither sending by DHL nor FEDEX.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Jane on January 12, 2013 #

    Terrible. They take your money and never ship item. Tracking number provided is fake and useless. Wish I would of seen the reviews before I made a purchase. Lesson learned.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Loyal on January 10, 2013 #

    Listen to Majority of the people’s advise, this is a scamming site, they are very helpful when you want to place the order, and no matter what delivery method you choose, they take their time to ship things out. I ordered stuff worth 300 euro and even tho i chose express delivery it still took them 2 weeks to dispatch the items. When the items arrived one of the tablets was faulty, and i send back that item with a tracking number, and they have not come back to me, they dont reply to emails or anything. See below my ticket.


    Ticket: T8775452860
    Order number: F121123025551****
    Message type: After-sale Service (defective items /wrong items received/item missing)
    Subject: Ampe A10 Android 4.0 IPS Capacitive Tablet Deluxe Edition with 10.1 inch WXGA 2160P Super Slim (Grey)
    Content: I purchased this tablet PC and It is not working properly, it is faulty, The wifi keeps dropping even though i’m in the same room as the Tablet, sometimes even though it is showing full signal strength on the tablet for wifi it does not connect to the internet, and when i run a system test it fails and does not respond. I have reset the tablet, and also shown taken it to my local computer repair shop, after checking they claimed that the wifi and the Graphics adapter is faulty. I need you to look into this for me ASAP.
    State: Processing
    Full name: Loyal Sequeira
    Adminstrator(carrie) At :12/24/2012 12:59:00 AM
    Dear Loyal
    Thanks for your message,sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.Could you have it repaired locally?If no i will offer you the shipping address,ok?
    Thanks for your understand and support.
    Loyal Sequeira At :12/24/2012 04:27:25 AM
    no it cannot be repaired locally. so send me the return address.
    Adminstrator(carrie) At :12/26/2012 11:33:44 PM
    Hi loyal
    Thanks for your reply,please pay attention to the attachment.If you have already shipped it out,let us know the track number.
    Thanks for your understand and support.
    attachment 1
    Loyal Sequeira At :01/02/2013 06:47:12 AM
    I have shipped the Ampe 10.1 tablet to the below address the tracking number is RL358493660IE the website to track is http://www.anpost.ie

    Junling Li Room 526, 5th Floor, Building 2,
    Nanyou 4th Industrial zone,
    Nanshan District,
    China Cel: 0755-26063125
    Adminstrator(carrie) At :01/03/2013 07:02:00 PM
    Dear Loyal
    Thanks for your information.Are you willing to accept the same model of the tablet you send back?If yes,i can arrange the reshipment to you now.
    Best regard
    Loyal Sequeira At :01/04/2013 02:25:03 AM
    No, i actuall want another one, it’s a bit more expensive than the one i sent back, but i can pay whatever is extra, is that OK?
    Loyal Sequeira At :01/04/2013 02:30:21 AM
    This is the tablet i need, can you let me know how much extra i need to pay?

    Adminstrator(carrie) At :01/05/2013 01:29:15 AM
    Hi loyal
    For this new item UM0025501 you still need to pay 54.15usd for the price difference.If you have no problem of it i will ask our colleague to send the link to your paypal account.
    Best regard
    Loyal Sequeira At :01/05/2013 10:04:33 AM
    yes please send me the link.
    Loyal Sequeira At :01/07/2013 03:49:31 AM
    I have received no link for the payment? can you please send it on?
    Loyal Sequeira At :01/08/2013 02:18:36 AM
    i still have not received the payment link.
    Loyal Sequeira At :01/08/2013 04:59:55 PM
    Why is noone replying to my messages?
    Loyal Sequeira At :01/09/2013 03:38:57 AM
    Why is noone replying to my ticket? the item i sent back is now showing up as received in China, I need to get a replacement or just refund the money I paid for the Ampe tablet. If you dont i’ll raise a Paypal dispute. You guys are shit, you dont even respond to queries. Worst customer service
    Loyal Sequeira At :01/10/2013 03:48:25 AM
    I have received no reply to this from the 5th of January, you guys are liars, LIARS! I’ll be posting this conversation on the Website Reviews just to save other people from ordering from gadgetsdealer. This is a joke. I need to escalate this ASAP.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by jyloup on January 8, 2013 #

    just a scamming website whose strategy is to send only
    correct and good items to about 10% of customers, and put a paypal payment,
    so that it looks like a serious website.
    Other customers are
    unfortunately pissed off coz they dont receive anything
    (or they get fake bad quality products).
    This a the new strategy of scammers now: send some products only to few customers to look like serious, other products are fake or simply dont exist!! thats why some people here will receive nothing (clothes, etc…) !!
    so be carefull of positive commentary: they are fake genrally or
    other real commentaries from sincere people concern products really sold by company but cheap and easy to produce (cellphones, tablets) to make believe its safe. But they have nothing but cellphones, tablets, and some other gadgets.
    other products on website dont exist in their stocks!

    About paypal, conditions now to b paid back are very strict, its no more a warranty for scams (i experienced that on dec 2012, check Paypal conditions).

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Elena on December 27, 2012 #

    DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE!!!!! I purchased two really adorable and cute jackets over a month ago and have yet to receive them. I paid about $80 total. The price for the amazing jackets and clothes seem way too too to be true because they are. This site is most definitely a scamming site. I have come to realize that some people who buy electronics received their things, but that is very few. Do not waste your money because this site is only there to steal it. I have emailed them numerous times and have yet to get a response back. The only time they were concerned about responding to me was when they could not locate my payment. I’m so fucking pissed off I wasted my money. I hate this site so if anyone else has had problems please do what I’m going to do and just spam the shit out of there site and give nothing but horrible reviews. Please tell anyone you know to never shop from this site!!!

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by ronald earl on December 19, 2012 #

    2fn603949m995115k last order was just about a total wast, been sending them emails for a month they they have not fixed it, the items were garbage they were told to take them and refund me. this comp. and paypal make it impossible to get anything fixed. the way to fix it Don’t buy anything out of this country

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Annelies on December 18, 2012 #

    Hi, I am living in Belgium and considering to buy some clothes from this website.
    Anyone with good/bad experience or advise?

    • Replied by jyloup on January 8, 2013 #

      gadgetsdealer.com is a new malicious scamming and fake website.
      for clothes you will likely lose your money.
      Read my post above to understand how scammers process now to look like “safe”.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Alan on December 14, 2012 #


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