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Romwe.com offers T-shirt, dress, skirt, jeans, jewelry, shoes, bags, jumpers, coats and so on.

Romwe.com, established in 2009, a latest high street fashion online store.

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  • 3/5
    (3/5) Reviewed by erica nick on January 15, 2013 #

    i ordered a pair of galaxy leggings and two dresses off romwe, they were all on sale so the prices werent too bad. i was really nervous about my order because i had read some bad reviews but i was actually pretty pleased once i got everything (two weeks later). i knew shipping would take a while getting to the US. i love my leggings, theyre pretty alright quality. the dresses are a bit tighter than expected but theyre still lovely.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Tellie G. on January 12, 2013 #

    You know I’ve read the reviews for this site from others and I can honestly say that I DID NOT have the same experience. I ordered 3 items from Romwe – 2 different pairs of Galaxy Leggings and the Bones Leggings on the site. The orders were placed from Los Angeles, CA on Jan 2nd 2013. On Jan 4th I received an email saying my order was dispatched including a shipping tracking number. I was able to track it and in a few days (about 4 days or so after my order) saw it had arrived to the US Postal Service in San Fransisco. I received my items on Jan 11th! They came neatly packaged and were exactly what I ordered. The quality was better than I had expected. And they all fit perfectly, I used the size chart provided and my exact measurements during ordering to prevent having any issues. I would definitely order from them again, I shared the photos on my Facebook page with all my friends and family with a link to the site. I paid for my order through Paypal to avoid issues, but luckily there were none.

    YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR SIZE. This store is based in China, the sizes are smaller than American sizes so you may have to order up if you aren’t super tiny like the models that are displayed in the pics. MEASURE YOURSELF and convert to centimeters so you don’t have sizing issues. It’s very simple. Don’t complain that they don’t fit when you’re assuming these are regular American sizes which they’re not. I’m a curvy girl, I’m really athletic I workout, so I had to get a medium or large where normally I wear a small to medium.

    Again I’m pleased and ready to confidently order other things from the site.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by msjones on January 9, 2013 #

    DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I order a shirt on December 3rd and on December 12th,I received an order saying my package had been despacted. A MONTH later, my package still didnt arrive so I decided to email customer service. I got a response from someone named Kelly and that heifer is just RUDE. She claimed that according to their “records” my packaged was delivered on december 16th. For someone who lives in Canada, and orders from multiple onlines stores, I know there was no way my package was delivered all the way from China in 4 business days. I have never heard of such foolishness. I emailed them again letting them know their story wasnt add up and that I hadn’t received anthing and Kelly told me to go to the post office. How am I supposed to go to the post office when they dont provide a tracking number?! Long story short I have emailed them over 8 times now and they just kept giving me the run around. I am going to get Paypal invovled because this company is ridiculous.PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

  • 3/5
    (3/5) Reviewed by Marie on January 7, 2013 #

    So, I absolutely love the clothes that Romwe has to offer. At least… I love what I see on the computer screen. Once last year I tried to buy a really cute ‘bohemian snake ring’ that was on sale for an awesome $5.00, plus the free shipping that they always offer. However, I never got it.

    I’ve shopped with YesStyle multiple times so I understood from the start that the shipping would be slower than they claimed it would be (plus it was for free; obviously they’d choose the cheapest, slowest option). Yesstyle has brought me patience when it comes to late orders. -___- However, after a few MONTHS of waiting for it, I finally contacted them asking what was up. I got a reply saying that according to their records, the order was shipped and received at my doorstep by me. As I said though, I never got the package. What’s up with that? It was only $5.00, though, so not wanting to deal with any further drama, I let the issue go.

    My one other experience with Romwe was when I emailed customer service asking them some particulars about the sizing of some leggings that I wanted to buy, but they never responded to me. Imagine my disappointment… I was going to give them a second chance, too. 🙁

    So. Romwe has some of the cutest clothes out there (although they’re mostly knock-off), but in my personal experience, the company itself needs to work on integrity and reliability in the customer service and shipping areas. So, three stars, but only because I think the pictures of their clothes are darling.

  • 2/5
    (2/5) Reviewed by Courtney on December 15, 2012 #

    Anyone who cares about online shopping:

    No one buy from ROMWE ever.

    This company is a joke and a complete rip off. First, it took a month for my order to arrive when the website says it will take a max of 15 business days if you’re in Canada (LIE!) THEN when I actually get my products, the sweater was great, but the leggings ripped 30 seconds after TRYING THEM ON. I spent $30 on leggings that I will NEVER get to wear.

    So, I do the sensible thing and contact customer support to get my money back. The lady who emailed me back, was not only completely unsupportive the ‘offer’ they said they could give me was GARBAGE – 15% back that’s IT (that’s nothing but the tax I paid on them). I never even got to wear them! I tried asking for a full refund because I was completely unsatisfied and I feel completely ripped off (the product was cheaply made let’s be real) but the response I get from ‘kelly’ is: “We are afraid we can not meet your request. Thanks for your time. Have a nice day!”

    Not only did it take 4 days for ‘kelly’ to respond to me, I feel like I’m being condescended which, rest assured, I do NOT appreciate. I feel cheated and now your customer service reps are laughing at my misfortune at trusting what looked like a great place to shop. I deserve a full refund for those leggings.

    I’m going to look into this PayPal policy a few of you mentioned because I feel so ripped off right now. I wish I had found this website before ordering. I’m never going to shop from here again and I feel so stupid from shopping here in the first place.

    to sum up:


    • Replied by Courtney on December 15, 2012 #

      Also, I gave it a 2/5 because I do love the cardigan I purchased (though it was pretty over priced considering…)

  • 4/5
    (4/5) Reviewed by Alice on December 6, 2012 #

    I would say that “I can’t believe all these bad reviews,” but I can.

    I ordered two articles from Romwe and received them roughly two and a half weeks later. I am a US resident, but still, several days processing time and about a week of shipping from China is actually pretty decent. The clothes I got were average, but I wasn’t expecting anything particularly well made. For the price paid, I would have preferred slightly better quality, but overall I am satisfied.

    The company does, however, have a pretty bad track record. I’m a pessimist so when I saw this website AFTER placing my order I got really scared. I was pleasantly surprised, though.

    I guess the question you, the consumer, have to ask yourself prior to shopping with Romwe is: Am I willing to take the risk?

    It seems the quality of service you get is really left up to chance.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Ingrid on December 6, 2012 #

    Positively poorly made clothing in terrible cheap fabrics. Poor construction and absolutely disposable crap. Rude customer service. A very nasty manager named Kelly. Don’t be sucked in by the hype of Romwe.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by vineeta on November 5, 2012 #

    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. WARNING DO NOT BUY FROM ROMWE IF YOU ARE IN AUSTRALIA. I spent over $200 worth of clothes and nothing came after waiting for two months.

    So i decided to send them an email. Didnt get a response. Sent another two over a weeks time.. and finally received a response a week later saying “Please be patient, your package is on its way….. Have a good day!” or something along the lines of that.

    Unhelpful as it may be I waited for another two weeks. Still no replies. After dreadfully sending 2 more additional emails back and forth which did not answer my questions at all about whether a refund was in place i mentioned ‘Paypal’s policy’ in a lengthy email in which Romwe staffs finally decided to give me a refund.


  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by RachRinseRepeat on October 10, 2012 #

    I really do love this website: http://www.romwe.com/ I’m am telling you, check it out, you’re going to love their clothes! I’m definitely not being paid to review them, I found them on my own, purchased the leggings myself, and I will tell you it was definitely worth it. I was just going to tear open the leggings as soon as I got the package but I figured that it would be a fun little video, so I had to restrain myself and open them slowly lol!

    Check this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BhSFRKMhGc

    • Replied by Lilu on August 1, 2013 #

      “I’m definitely not being paid to review them.”
      If you really WERE NOT getting some sort of compensation from them, I don’t see why you’d be putting good reviews for this scam website all over the internet, on top of attaching a link to the website itself, AND a link to a 10 minute video of yourself raving about how great this site is.
      Please, you’re insulting everyone’s intelligence.
      Everyone, don’t waste your time or money on Romwe. That site is straight up shady. I mean, there isn’t even an option to delete your account with them after you realize that they’re just a bunch of scammers that sell pretty pictures at high prices and deliver two-bit rags (if they even deliver your purchase, ha).
      Don’t trust romwe, sammydress, wholesaleitonline, or sheinside (among others). You’d be better off trusting a politician.
      That said… Have a nice day 🙂

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Yalens on September 28, 2012 #

    I ordered the romwe dress http://www.romwe.com/backless-nude-shift-dress-p-28605.html . I love the cut at the back! I tried it on but I looked so thin and small wearing it. 🙁 I still love the dress though! I can’t wait to grow and gain some weight for it to look better on me.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by occasional on September 21, 2012 #


  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by littery on September 8, 2012 #

    THANK GOD! I finally got my refund back from Romwe. And NO! It’s not cus they know they fucked up and decided to do the honorable thing by giving me my money back. I HAD TO GET PAYPAL INVOLVED. I escalated a non-receipt claim dispute against Romwe (meaning I never received the package).

    I seriously CANNOT BELIEVE Romwe had the nerve to lie to me (not once, not twice, but four times) about how they had *already* shipped out my package when it never even was sent out. They provided me with a BOGUS tracking # that claimed my package was still in China.

    Also, their customer representatives IGNORE all of the emails sent to them.

    Take it as a lesson learned the hard way. I hope none of you were as gullible as me….

  • 4/5
    (4/5) Reviewed by Jenn on September 2, 2012 #

    I purchased this peter pan dress from romwe, which is an online fashion store lots of you have probably already heard of. I have seen flashes of style blogger with lots of lovely skirts and tops which I always lust after on her blog.

    I ordered the dress in one size – which said it fit 8- 12 in UK sizes. There was also free delivery which would take 7-14 days. I didn’t mind waiting bit longer seeing as it was free. It wasn’t a bad price as it had $20 off which made it $30.99 and after exchange rate meant it cost me £24.
    Once I had purchased it via paypal on their website, I could track it’s delivery which was helpful.
    It ended up taking under 2 weeks for it to be delivered which was pretty reasonable.
    The quality of the item was very well made in a heavy fabric, may not wear loads in Summer but will be nice and warm for Autumn and Winter.

    The sizing is generally normal, but may be a tad smaller due to the one size. I am usually a 12 and the dress fit well but was a bit tighter around the bust area.

    I would recommend Romwe, I will be purchasing some separates next time and maybe a bag or too.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by lagrace100 on August 30, 2012 #

    I ordered a $24.00 dress and it’s been almost three weeks and I got nothing. My package has been “delivering” for almost ten days. Also, the number at the bottom of their site is a FAKE NUMBER. I feel stupid for falling for their little scam.

  • 2/5
    (2/5) Reviewed by Lunita on August 28, 2012 #

    I received my first Romwe orders (I placed one order for two items and then another order a couple of days later). I had read that Romwe’s shipping and handling time was excessive, so I was surprised to receive all of the items within two weeks. I ordered an asymmetrical white skirt, a black blazer, a ring, and a necklace. Sorry, I didn’t take measurements of the items. Below are pictures of the blazer and skirt. I am keeping the jewelry, which seemed of decent quality for the price. The blazer was too bulky for me plus I didn’t really like the material. However, I did notice that the sleeves were a perfect length for my short arms. I ordered the XXS size. (For reference, I generally wear 00P/XXSP. 5′, and I fluctuate between 92-96 pounds). The skirt was a size S, so I was very surprised that it actually fit snugly. Unfortunately, the concept was poorly executed. The white skirt is see through, and some of the pieces are cheaply attached (hopefully you can see in the back view).

    I had read negative reviews based on Romwe’s customer service and while I’m not through yet, I have to say that so far my experience doesn’t bode well. Romwe offers refunds for returns within 365 days, which sounds great; however, you have to obtain a Return Materials Authorization from their customer service first. I emailed the request a couple of days ago and received a reply the next day, asking for the reason for the return and for photos if possible. I emailed back giving the reasons but stated I didn’t have photos (I didn’t at the time) and also stating that I had followed their policy exactly and that there were no requirements for pictures. I received another reply today, asking me to consider the return shipping cost (it’s not free) and the possibility of items being lost and wouldn’t I rather get a coupon for half the price of the items and keep the items themselves. I have responded that no, I don’t want the coupon and I want a full refund for the items. Crossing my fingers. If you choose to purchase and actually like the items, you may be fine, but if you don’t, please beware that it’ll be like pulling teeth to get a return authorization. I’m wondering if and how I can get PayPal involved since I paid through them.

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