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WERCAN was founded in 2004 and WERCAN.COM was founded in 2014, specializing in digital printing products and signage products. Focusing on foreign trade e-commerce, WERCAN entered the online retailer for everything you need in digital printing and printing applications. WERCAN has 4 offices, one in China, one in Japan, one in USA and one in German. WERCAN has over 50,000 products in future across a wide range of categories including: 3D printer, digital printing equipment, printer heads, printer spare parts, printing ink and cartridges, laser cartridge and desktop printer cartridge, pop display system, AD medias and deco materials, laser CNC laminator plotters, Custom Printing Service, LED display and deco products etc.

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Unit B-3, No.206
Peikun Road, Maqiao Town
Minhang District

Tel: +86-18701823214

Payment Methods: PayPal

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Domain Name Register Date: 2015-01-31

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