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Ajoka ( is the manufacturer and distributor of home security surveillance camera systems CCTV wireless camera Micro Surveillance equipments 3G Spy Camera.

Ajoka Corporation H.K is one of the Manufacturer in China who designs inexpensive, smallest spy cameras/ receivers / recorder in the world, the main products are spy surveillance and safety and security products. Ajoka corporation is a sister company of 5M Technology H.K (5M Group of companies).

Contact Information:
Ajoka corporation
Hong Kong Office: 6A Friends building Rm A1,8/F,T.S.T , Kowloon.Hong Kong.
Tel: 852-23685848
FAX: 852-23685849

Payment Methods: Wire Transfer

Shipping Methods: DHL, FedEx, UPS etc.

Domain Name( Register Date: 2001-07-27

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