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Chinavasion Reviews – Chinavasion is a Chinese owned wholesale and dropship company. Please read the reviews and user ratings about Chinavasion to check whether Chinavasion is a scam, or a legit and reputable wholesale supplier.

Chinavasion is a Chinese owned wholesale and dropship company located in Shenzhen, China right next to Hong Kong. Established in 2006, Chinavasion was the first ever company to offer electronics dropshipping direct from the Mainland China market.

Chinavasion buy exclusively from Chinese manufacturers who produce Consumer Electronics, Gadgets, and PC Accessories. Everything you see on Chinavasion.com is made in China, and now you can buy these products at wholesale prices, right here in Chinavasion online wholesale shop.

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End Date: 2015-11-29

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  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by john johnson on May 30, 2015 #

    Worst company in the history of the universe.They are thieves of the worst sort. The ceo should be in jail for the rest of his life. He’s white of course. Stealing the chinese childrens labor and the developed worlds money. The epitome of scum.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by A.T. Duijff on May 2, 2015 #

    Seldom seen such a fast abroad delivery! THANKS

    Seldom seen a totally plastified package, LOL.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by gary clarke on February 18, 2015 #

    First of all thank you for the very fast delivery. It took 5 days to be delivered to the united kingdom. Top class.
    The communication was fantastic with yourselves answering all questions immediately.
    The phone the Exodus Plus is a truly amazing piece of kit. Comes with silicon rubber protector which is very rare with Chinese phones and really hard to find one that fits so a real bonus. Thanks again chinavasion I will definitely using you again 5+ and thanks again.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by maurizio schiro on February 3, 2015 #

    I bought a top notch smartphone from Chinavasion.
    After a few months for reasons I cannot explain
    it stopped working( touch screen blocked ). I contacted chinavasion for assistance and following their simple and clear instructions I shipped the device back to them. They kept me informed about the various steps of the maintenance process very professionally and after a reasonable amount of time they shipped back the device to me fully repaired and as new.
    Thank you very much to Chinavasion and all the professional staff working there.
    I am very very satisfied with chinavasion and I strongly recommend them to everybody in the world !

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Peter Judd on January 15, 2015 #

    I placed an order with Chinavasion for a device which I have not seen at any other web site. While making this order I made a mistake and ordered twice. I made contact with this Company, explaining my mistake and was treated with the best customer service I have received from any Asian Company. Not only was my every request answered and serviced immediately but I was contacted within an hour informing me all had been corrected, refunds made and advice offered for any further business between us.
    I have brought Electronic devices from this company before and never had a problem. Their equipment is always solid, pugs and fittings all firm and secure. Software and OS is alway up to date and often leading the way for other sellers of similar devices. I have just brought a TV Box – which I rate as a Mini PC, the size of a cigarette packet, with dual OS, Android Kit Kat and Ubuntu a Quad Core CPU, 2GB Ram and 8GB internal Memory + allowance for External Memory.Dual WiFi, Bluetooth and many ports to make life easy. All this for an amazing price, Remote Control, air mouse, all cables, AV & HDMI.

    • Replied by ATHANASIOS on December 14, 2015 #

      NICE FOR YOU NOWW START PARY TO GOD THAT none of this item stop working have or not warranty couse i am sure i will see you asap here write a new review about them 🙂

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by GEORGE on October 2, 2014 #

    I bought a mobile from chinavasion and I were very happy. so far not encountered a problem. many of my friends have bought from the chinavasion and left very happy also on their purchase orders. A friend of mine wanted to send back his cell phone to his changed due to a problem and officials responded immidiatelly. BEST PRODUCTS!!!! Definitely Ι will buy in the future and some other product!!!

    • Replied by ATHANASIOS on December 14, 2015 #

      will you care to tell us more detail about your friend problem for example was the phone in warranty? how they act? did they repair it replace it or refund him couse if it was repairable then your friend was lucky try the other 2 options to see a difrent face of them

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by John Broste on September 9, 2014 #

    Poor or no Final inspection on the product I received, return cost around the price for the item, I will scrap the item, cheapest way out of this.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Lucas on July 15, 2014 #

    What a terrible customer service and lack of quality control experience.

    Ordered four of their astro IP cameras over 6 months ago (November 2013), two of them had non functionning IR LED for nightvision.
    I have RMA’d two of these already, and within two days the one they supposedly fixed, same issues, no IR LED nightvision functionning. I have requested on multiple events that I would like a credit for the product or to be sent a new one that works, their response has always been “sorry for the inconvenience” I have further attempted to write reviews on facebook and their chinavasion website, of which what was written above has been blocked by their administrators.

    This is the first and hopefully only company I have to review in a negative light. however between the
    1) poor quality rebranded product
    2) Customer service which is literally non existent from a technical hardware perspective and lack of true understanding of the infuriation of them not actually reading the emails being sent, simply responding “sorry for inconvenience”
    3) not open to any recommendation on solution for customer service asides from re-RMAing product

    Stay away from this company, you really do get what you pay for at these cheap prices.

  • 3/5
    (3/5) Reviewed by Said on March 6, 2014 #

    Dieser Laden ist einfach schlecht. Nach dem Kauf gab es ein Problem mit dem Handy, keinerlei Reaktion auf meine Emails. Trotz Bezahlung einer Expresslieferung für 20 Euro kam die Ware nach 10 Tagen, na wenn das mal Express ist. Dieser Laden ist von meiner Seite nicht zu empfehlen.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by M Cook on December 17, 2013 #

    I bought a tablet last August that was found to be faulty on arrival. Was requested to send it back at my expense to China for repair. 12+ weeks later it arrives again and was still faulty. They requested I make a video to show them it was faulty, which I did. Theor email system refused to receive the email even though i followed their instructions exactly. They blamed me for the delay. Eventually they got the video and have requested I send it back (still at my expense) to China again for the 12+ weeks it takes roundtrip. Meaning this tablet has travelled from China to Australia to China to Australia to China to Australia. The tablet is a dud but they keep causing me expense and time and hassle and will not replace it. They also treat me like I am dishonest, which is appaulling as they are the ones with my money and supplying faulty goods. If I return it I will not see it again until April 2014 and chances are it will be the same tablet with the same fault. They will continue this process until I get tired of spending money and wasting time on what is basically a worthless piece of junk.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Guy on July 31, 2013 #

    I bought a android tablet from Chinavasion, it took 40 days to receive it and it was DOA. Did not wotk out of the box. China vasion offered to let me pay $40 shipping to return the product to China . Thy said it would take at least 3 weeks for them to receive it. then if they felt like the defect was their fault they would pay to ship a reconditioned one back (40 more days?) I guess I am too old to woek with Chinavasion.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Lucas T on July 6, 2013 #

    They are shameless cons. Once they have your money, they will fight you ever step of the way to keep it.

    I was civil and tried to explain how the item they sent was not as described and completely inadequate for the task – additionally, they would not stand by the lies their sales associates used.

    When I had the audacity to complain on their FB, they wrote me off as a fool who did not understand the Chinavasion Terms of Service. Joke’s on them. I won my chargeback because I read them and could prove that the claims made therein were categorically false.

    If you are foolish enough to try this company – make sure to buy via PayPal and don’t pretend to be nice. Tell them up front what you want or charge back.

    Additionally, this ensures some accountability as they may have to pay up to an addition $70.00 in chargeback fees.


  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Cristian Stanica on June 13, 2013 #

    I did a small mistake on my order and Chinavasion team helped me and gave me 100% support for solving my problem. Best products (i receive exactly what i pay for), nice staff, very good english – best customer support.


  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Mick Carter on May 31, 2013 #

    I have used Chinavasion twice to order some gadgets, and I have to say that they run a very prompt and efficient service. I’m very pleased with the service, and I shall definitely be ordering from them again.


  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Michael on April 18, 2013 #

    Be VERY cautious dealing with this company. I bought a tablet which stated it had a 12 month warranty, then there was a problem with the power adaptor and they said it only had a 1 month warranty, even thought there was no mention of that exclusion. After a week of trying to deal with them I have given up and will never use them again. They also guarantee next day shipping my order took over a week before it left them.

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