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FTCline.com offers wedding dresses, prom dresses, evening dresses, occasion dresses, homecoming dresses, short dresses, jewelry, shoes, costumes, etc.

FTCline.com is an online store, with products in categories ranging from Wedding & events, clothing, cosplay & costume to computer hardware, electronics, cellular, home decorations and more.

Contact Information:

Address: Changzhou, Jiangsu

Tel: +86-519-89961899

Payment Methods: PayPal

Shipping Methods: EMS, UPS, DHL, USPS, TNT

Domain Name Register Date: 2011-11-02

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End Date: 2012-12-31

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  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Madelst on August 16, 2012 #

    I ordered 7 suits and two pair of shorts from FTCLine.com. They all came except for one pair of shorts. I tried them all on and 5 suits fit perfectly. They were all good quality and the fabric was awesome. The other 2 did not fit at all (they were all XL).


    Could hardly get them over my thighs


    This one was very small and the way the zipper goes from the neck line to the crotch, it would be next to impossible to put on even if the size was correct.

    I could not get them on at all they were so small.

    After emailing FTCline’s support I didn’t get a response. I sent them a message on one forum and they responded. They only offered 10% off my next order. Because of these problems and the not so good response from them, I am not going to order here anymore. Too bad because I was hoping to order a few other styles they offer.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by BobbyKress on July 20, 2012 #

    FtCLine.com has stolen my $60. I wrote them 3-4 times in order to know the status of my order. They didn’t answer at all. I wanted to prevent them from leaving package near my door (as I’m going to leave town for a while). I asked to bring package to my neighbours. But I’ve already returned home 2 days ago. There is no any package!

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by monconomy on July 13, 2012 #

    On 5/19/2012 I bought teal 3-inch red bottom shoes. I was charged on June 21st. SEVERAL times after, I contacted them via email, Live Chat, and Skype because I didn’t get a confirmation, then I was upset for no response and asked for a refund if the item did not ship. On June 7th they said the item shipped, even though I asked for a refund June 5th. They shipped them June 7th! Then when they came June 16th, they were 4 1/2 inches tall and were supposed to be 3. The shoe on the site is not the same as the shoe sent, as the show online had interior details on the sole the ones sent did not have.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by salma on July 12, 2012 #

    I think Ftclne is a scum, they should be investigated. They never repliy to your email n there is no customer service at all. I spent £104.58 Istill not received the item neither an email saying anything they said they would post it within 7 days bt there is any sign it has been 3 weeks. I’m nly wait two more week to open a case on paypal. Ithing it is what you guys should do open a case defame those husselers, scum website. This son of b***h should be reported and persecuted.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Elsa on July 10, 2012 #

    I ordered one bird mascot costume on this site.The quality is quite good and it costs less than other sites.The service is much amazing.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by dnorman8 on July 8, 2012 #

    I ordered a pair of zebra pattern red bottom heels from ftcline.com. I have emailed several times to find out the status of my order with no response from anyone. I stated that I was going out of town and did not want the shoes left on the door step as I live in an apartment complex with a security door. Its an extremely busy apartment complex with way too much foot traffic to leave a package and it would definitely be taken. I wanted to inform them to leave the package at the complex office. I’ve gotten no reponse. I thought I did my research in finding a company with good quality ethics. I guess I should have done more research as I have been scammed out of $58.39.

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