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McBub.com is a premiere online etailer with over 18,000+ different products, include Tablet PC’s, Cell Phones, Digital security, Car electronics, Gadgets, Games, Accessories, and more.

Mcbub.com build their own site since 2009. Mcbub started back in the early 2004, when they opened a store in ebay and is a Power Seller. Mcbub.com has a vast selection of product lines including computer goods, cell phones, headphones, interesting gadgets and much more.
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  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by QshEgkRbM on July 5, 2024 #


  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by bilal on August 24, 2013 #

    Hi, I bought Tablet PC’s with them about 10 pieces arrived really late plus the quality was really poor. Email them about the problems never get back. Call them do not answer. Livechat Dont reply. Do not use Mcbub for purchase. However, just use them for your convenience to look for market prices order from registered companies only and if you have a person to talk to online with. I have found this Chinese lady on skype use to work for Mcbub now working with another company in China dealing with all the similar and best quality items you can add her if you want on skype.

    skype id – bilalwaheed23

  • 4/5
    (4/5) Reviewed by R Gast on July 15, 2013 #

    I bought tablet from them. Ordered on Thursday. It came on Monday. Very fast. So far unit has not had any problems (2 months). In general, I will probably never order directly from ANY Chinese company due to the time difference, communication challenges and costs associated with having to deal with returns. It’s just not worth the aggravation.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by vicar on February 28, 2013 #

    I am having a huge problem with McBub.com. They are blatantly ignoring my emails.
    I purchased a android cell phone from them that say unlocked for worldwide use, but does not work in north America.
    I have sent McBub 10 emails for the last 3 weeks with no reply> Beware = No customer service.

  • 2/5
    (2/5) Reviewed by capitol on November 18, 2012 #

    Hello, I thought I would share my experience with McBub.com so far.
    I ordered a tablet pc on the 13/11/12. I ordered the wrong item and I realized this about 10 minutes after ordering so I emailed McBub.com asking them to cancel the order explaining I had ordered the wrong item.
    On McBub.com it says all emails are replied to within one day. I did not receive a reply until the 16/11/12 3 days later! The email was very annoying and written badlys. Here it is.

    thank you for your email.
    can you tell us why you wnat to cancel it? cos the tablet is the best tablet in our web. and a lot of clients can not buy it cos the tablets in the market is always not enough.and we have pick it for you it waiting for send. thank you

    In this they ask why I want to cancel it, I had clearly said in my first email that I wanted to cancel because I ordered the wrong item.
    The cost of the tablet has been taken out of my bank account and thankfully the item has not been shipped so I hopefully have a chance to get my money back.

    I have read on the internet about McBub.com and I have seen a lot of negative feedback about them.
    If anyone from McBub.com sees this my order number is 1073870.
    I hope that my money will be refunded soon and mcbub.com update their features on the website to be more accurate to what their services are.
    Thank you.

  • 4/5
    (4/5) Reviewed by Clr on October 21, 2012 #

    I have had personnel experience wil McBub, there system and delivery to Greece was outstanding, payment and swift delivery on free delivery was nearly quicker than an express delivery from another place, 2 days difference, I was very surprised. Packaging was good and goods arrived without any damage on the packaging.

    I had several issues, dead unit on delivery, which was easily fixed with a guide from them, a ribbon connector had come loose, and a delay in providing a ICS firmware for the tablet, it was advertised with ICS but came with 2.3.4 .

    Overall the tablet is good, several big drops and tumbles (its my sons he is only 8) and its still going strong.

    As far as I am concerned I would buy again from McBub, but I would definately go with a brand instead of the unbranded stuff, as this usually is hit and miss with firmware updates, but that goes for nearly every china distributor.

    Would I recommend them…… with the experience I have had with them YES, there tech support and general support is a little bit slower than I would like, but I would live with this to know I have spent my money somewhere I can trust.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Toya Richardson on October 16, 2012 #

    I made a purchased a tablet from Mcbub in December. After about 60 days, the power cord was stripped. I asked Mcbub for a replacement and i told i need to buy another one. So i finally did. Not once but twice, they sent me a car charger (no what i ordered). They requested that i take picture of the charger they sent and give details about their own product, as if i purchased it from some other site. I requested that if they can’t send me what i ordered in a timely manner that i want a refund. They replied ” i will send phone charger quickly”. I was DONE. Why do i need a product that i can’t use and the company can’t send the correct item nor do they seem to know anything about their products (it seems). After round and round about a refund they finally said, ok.

    From: service@mcbub.com
    CC: shipping@mcbub.com; legal@mcbub.com

    “I’m so sorry ,if there is no problem with the tablet we can’t give you the return address.you can’t return back.
    if you really want a return ,you have to take the return shipping and we will charge you 20% of the payment.
    I hope you can understand.
    best regards

    After receiving this email and excepting the terms, i asked that they expedite this process. I haven’t heard from them since. They don’t have a return address on their site. you have to get it from a Mcbub representative. Mcbub did not respond to my emails for over a month when their policy clearly states that they will respond with in 1 business day.
    As of today, they finally responded asking me AGAIN what’s wrong with the produce after clearly responding to the email chain from March. I had to get PayPal and legal involved to get anywhere with these people.

    I advise you to NOT purchase from these guys. Its not worth it, regardless of how inexpensive the items are.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Joe on September 9, 2012 #

    BUY AT YOUR OWN PERIL!!! I bought a tablet from them because the price was good ( I later found out that there are USA based companies that have equal or better prices). The tablet worked for about 5 weeks until it failed. I advised them that this tablet with a 12 month warranty needed to be returned! First they tried to get me to pay for the VERY EXPENSIVE return shipping TO CHINA because it was after one month. Then after I complained for what seemed like forever, they finally agreed to give me a store credit for LESS than what it cost me to ship. I complained more and they finally agreed to credit me a little more than the cost of shipping because I was not going to let them make profit on crediting me since you have to buy something else! After all, ALL I WANTED WAS MY MONEY BACK! The time difference and language difference makes it very difficult to communicate. Half the time they either do not understand what you are trying to tell them, or they seem to forget the content of the last email as if they have no system to track customer issues. So I tried to buy various things to use up my credit and finally be done with these people. I bought an MP3 player which DID NOT WORK ON ARRIVAL!! So HERE WE GO AGAIN, They will ONLY give me another CREDIT so I can buy more garbage products from them!! WORST BUYING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIKE!! STAY FAR AWAY!

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by george989 on June 2, 2012 #

    Received defective product and was expected to pay shipping (and possibly repair fee) to get working replacement.

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