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ChinaGrabber.com offers Android tablets, cell phones, mp3 and mp4 players, GPS Navigation, Car Audio and Video, Spy cams and more.

ChinaGrabber.com is a wholesaler and retailer for electronics products.

Shipping Methods: Hong Kong Post, China Post/EMS, UPS, DHL

Domain Name Register Date: 2006-05-06

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  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Billari on October 8, 2012 #

    I have bought Aurora from chinnagraber, but after cca 3 weeks of using it i found black lines on screen.

    After it i obtain mail adress from Chinagraber and I have sent item for complaint

    After 2 unsuccessful attempts for delivery item finaly was delivered.

    12.03.2012 16:20 Delivered
    29.02.2012 16:08 Unsuccessful attempt to deliver
    28.02.2012 14:30 Unsuccessful attempt to deliver

    After asking chinagrabber after 12.3.2012 they wrote to me they are still waiting to receive the unit.

    And they stopped comunicate with me…

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Oster on April 30, 2012 #

    I ordered a Facepad 8GB from Chinagrabber. A few days after ordering, I was sent an email saying they needed to “special order” my product. Not sure why they are advertising things they don’t have in stock anyway, if this is even true. In the last 2 weeks, I have made several requests for an update as to my “special order”, and have received NO response.

    I read a post somewhere else that Chinagrabber routinely says the order is delayed, and then only sometimes actually ships the product, or they say it is held up in customs, and is not their fault.

    There is no excuse for them not replying to 3 polite emails simply requesting an update on my order. What kind of business treats their customers this way? Certainly not any business that wants to have a good reputation. It takes just a few seconds to reply to an email, so it is not an excuse that they are “busy”. As cheap as labor is in China, they could hire someone for peanuts to answer their email…. unless of course, a good percentage of their business is fraud.

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