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Chinavasion Reviews – Chinavasion is a Chinese owned wholesale and dropship company. Please read the reviews and user ratings about Chinavasion to check whether Chinavasion is a scam, or a legit and reputable wholesale supplier.

Chinavasion is a Chinese owned wholesale and dropship company located in Shenzhen, China right next to Hong Kong. Established in 2006, Chinavasion was the first ever company to offer electronics dropshipping direct from the Mainland China market.

Chinavasion buy exclusively from Chinese manufacturers who produce Consumer Electronics, Gadgets, and PC Accessories. Everything you see on Chinavasion.com is made in China, and now you can buy these products at wholesale prices, right here in Chinavasion online wholesale shop.

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End Date: 2015-11-29

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  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Catherine on February 26, 2024 #

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  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Steven (Fluffy) on September 24, 2018 #

    ive been using chinavasion for over 10 years, ill stick to the point.

    out of over 500 items ive had shipped, around 3 percent were defective,

    customer service are great and there really is no language barrier.

    do not believe all the bs online about chinavasion is a scam, I made over $200,000 in 18 months dropshipping item from chinavasion on ebay when I first started with them.

    if you don’t try you will never know.
    im glad for chinavasion for opening my eyes to online money making.
    fuck all the rest of the peopl who think otherwise

    btw chinavasion is now closed pending the companies sale to new owners, its been 2 months and i am edgy as hell to find out what is going to happen with them.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Mark on February 17, 2017 #

    1. Chinavasion sells items that are not in stock, this alone is horrible for a drop shipper
    2. Chinavasion will cause you major problems if you sell through Ebay or Amazon
    3. I had a 20% failure rate with them on shipping (I have quit using them)
    4. Chinavasion issues fake tracking numbers to avoid returning your money
    5. Chinavasion will overcharge you on debit card transaction hoping you do not notice
    6. Chinavision sometimes does not take the Money you payed them and it is returned to your account making it a nightmare to figure out where the extra money came from and if your item actually shipped
    7. Chinavasion has poor English skills if you have a problem (they just dont care)
    ​8. Chinavision can be hard to get your money back, buyer beware
    9. Chinavasion actively uses Bait and Switch

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Alan H on November 18, 2015 #

    I have purchased a number of items from Chinavasion and have hammered them with tons of questions regarding product specifics and details and they have always answered me promptly and provided thorough answers. I have only found that they will help as much as possible.

    My experience with Chinavasion to date has only been a good one, I’m happy to say.

    Admittedly some of their products may not be quite what is expected, the key here is to know what you are buying. You will also find that if a product they stock turns out to be a bit shoddy then it will usually end up being discontinued.

    I’ve only had one product arrive faulty and that was a security light, the sensor didn’t work. I contacted them and they promptly sent me a new replacement without any hassles or dramas. I didn’t even have to send the faulty one back. Subsequently, this product is no longer available on their site.

    I love their range of products and how they are constantly keeping up with the latest in technology and making it available at fantastic prices. That does vary a bit depending on the exchange rate though. And being in Australia the AUD is very poor at the moment, but their prices are still very good.

    Unfortunately shipping to Australia from China can be rather expensive, which is nothing Chinavasion can be blamed for. You can always have things shipped via Air Mail, which is the cheapest option, if you’re willing to wait a 2 to 3 weeks that is. With some items you don’t have that option though, it has to be sent out via other services, which is much quicker anyway. On average an item sent via Express takes about 5 to 6 days to the land of Oz

    I am more than happy to continue dealing with Chinavasion for the foreseeable future πŸ™‚

    • Replied by ATHANASIOS on December 14, 2015 #

      the problem my friend(if you are not a ghost account that have been created to show how nice site they are)is not what and when you buy it from them but what is there suport after sales that they have specialy with items that are in warranty did you know that they refuse to replace or full refund you item if its been problematic??? did you??? did you know that they try to scam you by try to refund you only a small portion of the original price? i have experiance that by first hand recently .dont you are curius about a”legit company” like them why when they take an item withh warranty not send it to there supplier for replace??? i am curius could it be becouse the item that you got MAYBE have benn used or repaired and they sell it to you with no warranty and thats why they refuse to replace it via there supplier? beware there policy AND READ THE RULES OF THERE SITE they ask explaination on them they use them not as its common logic but as they fit

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