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Romwe.com offers T-shirt, dress, skirt, jeans, jewelry, shoes, bags, jumpers, coats and so on.

Romwe.com, established in 2009, a latest high street fashion online store.

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Domain Name Register Date: 2009-11-05

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  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by mae on June 5, 2015 #

    OMG THE PHOTOS WERE SO NICE. But I am a styling enthusiast… i know my fabric really well. The fabric in the photos were high end and all but the orders i received was in a cheapest cotton. I am from Asia but lived in America now, these fabrics were the ones that they sell for $1 in the streets of ASIA. DON”T BUY from HERE. I SPENT $200 and half of it were so bad, IT WASN”T WORTH MY $200 i’d rather spent it with H&M or FOREVER 21.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Anna on May 26, 2015 #

    Shocking customer service and quality. I was enticed by the price and extremely disappointed with the quality, it’s cheap, unflattering material and clearly made in a sweatshop. They took my payment out TWICE and are now refusing to refund me one of the payments. My flatmates clothes still haven’t arrived after a month.

  • 4/5
    (4/5) Reviewed by Laura on April 21, 2015 #

    I started off on bad terms with this company – I placed my order, and went through the “processing” phase for about 9 days. I sent emails that were initially ignored; however, I have had QUITE the change-of-opinion with this company. All of a sudden, I received a TON of reply emails, taking care of my questions and ensuring that my order was being shipped. Once my order was shipped, I received my order just a few days later. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOVE all of the jewelry I ordered. You just can’t beat the prices, and the quality was surprisingly incredible – not flimsy and cheap, like you would think a $2.00 pair of earrings might be. I AM IN LOVE. to me, they made up for their lack of customer service, and the product was mind-blowing. I will DEF be ordering from them again in the future!!!

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Anastasia on December 24, 2014 #

    By far the worst site to order from. I ordered some clothes way back in October and I’m STILL waiting! This is absolutely ridiculous! I’m fully aware that shipping takes a while but almost 3 months?! I would advise everyone NEVER to order from this deceitful site. The prices are tempting but DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. Unless terrible customer service, a ridiculous waiting time etc is what you want. The clothes I bought were supposed a Christmas present but since Christmas is tomorrow, I’m going to be a few presents short. Disappointing to say the very least.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by jjBritt on October 14, 2014 #

    Bought items, they were cheap, poorly made and did not fit correctly. Asked to return the items and they offered that I keep the items and they give a discount since it is too expensive to return.

    I insisted on a return got the address returned the item, sent them the tracking since July and I have not gotten a refund or credit. They are scammers, stay away. You’ve been warned!!!! I’ve given them a chance to correct, that’s why I waited before posting this review

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Heather on September 29, 2014 #

    I bought a colorful printed maxi dress from Romwe’s website…nearly a month later it arrived, and it was the worst piece of shat I’ve ever purchased online. The dress I received is 100% COMPLETELY SEE-THROUGH. There is no lining in the dress whatsoever. It received a measly piece of chiffon fabric with a print on it. It is hands-down the cheapest dress I’ve ever seen. It can’t even be considered a dress, because you are still completely naked when you wear it – you see EVERYTHING. My gosh what a frickin scam!! I emailed customer service to see if this item was defective or if they were really selling this garbage to their customers – the response I received was: “Sorry for the inconvenience. Actually it is the real item.” THAT WAS IT. I emailed them that I want a refund and have yet to hear back. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Charisse on July 10, 2014 #

    It was my first time ordering at ROMWE and i could really say that my experience was good.Ive ordered several items and the first batch came in within a week.Im still waiting for the other batch. Pretty cute styles and designs but some items are a bit expensive while the quality is not to good. Over all shopping at Romwe is all worth it! Thanks a lot!would definitely buy again 🙂

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by andrea on May 10, 2014 #


  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Mike on March 25, 2014 #

    Scammers stole my money. This is the email after my payment processed.
    “Dear friend,

    Thanks for choosing our online shop.I am Ann.
    To make sure that we can do long-term business together,we would like to ask you to help us to provide a copy of your credit card to confirm you are the real credit card owner.
    Meanwhile, please kindly send us a copy of your identity card, passport, driver license or social insurance card, even the receipt of water or electricity with your signature on it will be ok.
    This checking process is to protect the benefit of both of us.
    Without identity confirmation, we are afraid we can not process your order.
    After confirm it,we\’ll ship out your order soon.And we won\’t ask any more in the future . Just this time.Thanks for your understanding in advance.
    Hope to hear from you soon.


  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Sammii on March 11, 2014 #

    This is a warning! Unless you’re willing to pay for bad quality clothing then I suggest you shop somewhere else. My sister and I ordered a few things off of Romwe this Christmas because we’ve been hearing quite a few good reviews on Youtube and different blogs. We got a few items off it and were quite satisfied with the price (free shipping no matter the price). It took forever! to come and when it arrived we only received 1 out of the 7 items we ordered. When we contacted them, they said they were sending it all in different packaging which I really don’t understand. So it took a total of 3 months for everything to arrive.

    I was fine with the shipping time and what not, as long as I got my stuff. However, the first item we received was a cardigan in a size extra small that turned out to be fucken huge, my mom who’s an x-large couldn’t fit the cardigan because it was too big!! Not to mention the material felt and looked like a hay sack….

    We thought ok, maybe it was just this item. When the rest arrived, the jacket I ordered was way too big, the material was thin enough for summer when it clearly stated “winter” jacket. The shoulder of my hoodie did not match my shoulder at all! It was sewed for a toddler and I purposely got a Large so it’d be baggier.


    I warn you to stay away from this website! It’s the worst website ever that provides you with false advertising! I’ve ordered from China websites that are much better than this! I guess the only reason why Youtubers would approve of this website is because of the free stuff they’re given.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by ChuckA on February 25, 2014 #

    Please read this before considering a purchase.

    I found ROMWE through a fashion blog. I trusted the blog and the clothes looked really nice, great quality and decided to look on the website.
    The flash sale section took me in instantly. I ordered a coat with a 15% discount for signing up to the newsletter. The coat looked great on the website. I read the measurements from the guide, then I measured myself and two coats I have of a similar shape and length, and chose a Small.

    I waited for around 2 and a half months for my shipment to arrive. By this time, I’d already made two earlier orders on the website, but i’ll get to them soon. The coat was packaged in a nice zip lock bag, if I’m honest, that is the best part about them. The coat had loose visible threads all over, was made of cheap fabric, not a good colour. On the website, it was pictured very differently. The seams were poorly sewn, it seemed they didn’t understand which stitch to use on a thin fabric, and areas looked too pulled and tight, every stitch had a little hole around it because it was pulling. The pockets were not lined, they were essentially just a gap in the fabric.

    Then, when I tried the coat on, it felt like it was at least one size too small. This was confusing as I normally take a small size (I’m only 5″1 and slim) and I had carefully measured myself as I was not too sure of their sizing. The measurements were clearly written on the website. I got out my tape measure and measured the garment, it was not as advertised, I think some of this was down to the poor stitching. I checked the labels, they all confirmed I had been given the size I ordered.

    I didn’t return the item, because as I said, I ordered a few other items prior to delivery and had issues with their customer service. I don’t imagine they could help me. I got a t-shirt in much better time, but it’s very thin fabric. It is almost see through but still wearable.

    Another order I made, I was over charged. I had used a discount code, and even though on the check out, the discount was clearly applied, when I actually paid I was charged and extra $14, just over £8. I was very annoyed about this, because the discount was DEFINITELY applied. I emailed their customer service. After 2 weeks, I got a reply. They told me the discount had been taken off and that really the total was $60. I then emailed them my receipt, order confirmation, screen prints of the original pricing and some addition which proved no, my order total was $45 and that the discount code I entered should have took the price down to $31. I told them which discount code I used, forwarded the email in which I got the code and asked for a refund. I could hardly understand the reply email, it seems that they’ve just wrote an email then fired it through google translate.

    I asked to speak to management. The email they sent back was even more hard to understand, but I was told i’d be given a new code to use to get the money back. The only email I’ve had since then is an email with a code that takes off $7 if I spend $30. That is not good enough, and if they think I’m going to willingly give them another $23 dollars, they’ve got another thing coming.

    The items from this purchase were of a similar poor quality. One of the shirts I ordered looks like it’s a print out from a printer low on ink, and the design is different, there are two naked women on the outside of the design which are not pictured on the website. The sweater/jumper I also bought is also poor, the design looks very dark, I recognize this from when I used to study fashion and textiles. The dye used to print the design is not made for dark fabrics but for light ones, this means that the colours are not bright and don’t stand out, they are quite lost in the black fabric.

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Josefin on February 13, 2014 #

    My hustband bought my entire shoppinglist as a Christmas gift. He made the order in mid december, so shure maybe you can expect not getting the items Before Christmas but now its mid februari and I still havent recieved even half of the items (9) he already has paid for. When I try to get in Contact with custumerservice they never answer any of my many emails or chat-requests and it feels kindof hopeless. I could never trust this Company with an order again.
    Some of the jumpers that have reached me were also quite smelly, like of a damp warehouse.
    Merry christmas to me :/

  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by jenn nonya on January 30, 2014 #

    If you are reading this before you make a purchase on Romwe.com good for you! Hopefully by sharing my experience with this shady and fraudalant company another savvy shopper and fashionista will be spared the drama and aggravation I’m experiencing right now. So here’s my story: I stumbled across Romwe via Pinterist when somebody pinned the cutest green jacket. When I checked out the other items on their website I was pleasantly surprised by how cute and cheap everything was. I finally settled on two jackets. When the charge went through my bank denied it because they assumed it was fraud. You seen Romwe is based in Hong Kong. I called my bank and reassured them that I had indeed made the purchase. Ladies that was my first mistake. I should have denied the charge and kept it moving. Because little did I know Romwe’s scam isn’t to steal your money directly…….it’s to steal your money by sending you out garbage and then not letting you return it!

    When my clothes finally arrived they felt and looked cheap. Nothing like the pictures. I immediately emailed Romwe for a Return Authorization number. A week and 5 emails and calls later I have not received a single response. On their website it says they accept returns within 60 days of shipping. I never would have made a purchase if they didn’t accept returns. So far in order to get the return to which I’m entitled I’ve done the following to initiate a return: Emailed 3 different addresses. Called their customer service. Logged into my account. Tried reaching them via chat. No response from Romwe’s customer service marketing or returns people. I’m really upset. I have a lot going on right now but because of Romwe’s shady unprofessional crap I have two choices: Either give up on a refund to which I’m entitled or continue to send countless emails into an abyss. I don’t deserve or need this kind of fraudulent behavior from Romwe in my life. Ladies we work hard especially for our money! I took a chance on a company based in Hong Kong and I completely regret it. So buyer beware: their clothes are garbage and they’ll put you through hell to return them. No discount is worth it ladies!

    I contacted my bank today and they’ll handle these horrible people. Thanks for listening and do yourself a favor and do what I should have done: Hit the back button or closed that browser. Whatever you do, don’t buy from Romwe.com

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by Raluu on January 28, 2014 #

    I received the packages quickly, and I live in a small country. There were no problems and the items were as espected.

  • 5/5
    (5/5) Reviewed by yolanda on January 17, 2014 #

    I’m so sorry to hear the bad experiences with Romwe but I ABSOLUTELY love them. I have a leggings business and I have purchased over 300 pair of leggings from them. I was amazed when I came across this forum. I always use express shipping. It’s a 15.00 charge but it beats waiting weeks for something to ship free. Free shipping takes 15-26 days and they tell you it could be a delay with customs if you read closely. I’m use to paying shipping cost and if you want faster delivery you must pay for it. I will admit I have had a few differences on a few times but they were always so nice and resolved in a timely matter. I love them especially they leggings. ROMWE GOT THE BEST LEGGINGS EVER!

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