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Totobay.com is one of Cell phone, Cell phone parts and accessories and electronics wholesalers from China.

Totobay is a large B2C trading platform e-commerce company which has been established since 2007 in Hong Kong, dedicated in the retail and wholesale of mobile phone accessories, mobile phone spare parts and related electronic products. Totobay established the United Kingdom company in 2010. Also Totobay has offices and procurement center in Shenzhen.
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    (1/5) Reviewed by Terrecruz on April 29, 2012 #

    I have just tried to purchase some headphones from totobay for my grandaughter for christmas. i have received a letter from an agency working with the UK Border Agency, telling me these have been seized and destroyed, i have emailed them the site, i should of know better, as when i tried to pay by paypal, it kept coming up as an error. i have sent messages to totbay, they said they will confirm the seizure and get back to me, but as yet they havent. I dont even think its worth going to my bank as i paid by debit card.

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