Top Chinese Online Stores of Made-in-China Electronic Gadgets

About electronic gadget stores based in China

There are countless electronic gadget stores based in China since the country is the manufacturing hub of all kinds of consumer electronics. Also, as Shenzhen is the centre of electronic factories, the majority of such kind of online stores is located in or around the city.

When there are too many choices, it is extremely important for common buyers to separate the good from the bad. Internet is a key tool that can help people find useful information and to evaluate the authenticity, credibility as well as service standards of a store they never use before, though the information may not be totally dependable. However, it is never an easy task and it usually requires plenty of time and energy. For this reason, people tend to go for those recommended by authoritative third-parties first.
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List of top Chinese sites of made-in-China consumer electronics

As a small review website, we are far from being authoritative, but we are honest and cherish integrity very much. We have been reviewing and researching Chinese online stores since 2009 and can at least provide some helpful advice on how to find out better Chinese online suppliers. When we recommend a store, we are not intending to persuade you to trade with them without your own judgment. Instead, we hope it can inspire you to make a best choice based on your own preference.

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Below is our personal list of top China-based online stores of made-in-China electronic gadgets. We arrange the order of stores based on our own liking. That is, the best of the best are ranked the top of the list.

Things you must know about shopping with Chinese electronic suppliers

In particular, and are publicly listed companies and enjoy outstanding reputation on the international trading stage. As an exclusive channel for cool electronic gadgets, belongs to and are different from the rest as they are trading platforms connecting sellers and buyers by providing transaction system and related service such as receiving payment from buyers and releasing payment to sellers. They both have a payment protection system to ensure that the transactions made through their sites are safe. Using such sites means you are facing higher risks as the sellers as well as the products can vary significantly in terms of quality standards. Anyway, with the multitudes of choices, you are also more likely to find best deals or best prices on the electronic gadgets you are looking for.

The other stores, on the other hand, have their own warehouses and usually conduct a strict quality verification procedure on each product. Comparatively, the quality of the products offered by these stores is better guaranteed and the after-sales services are easier to reach. Since these stores often carry the same or similar gadgets, you can use them to compare prices in order to find the top deals.

Nevertheless, though the above mentioned stores are all legitimate and trusted based on our findings, none of them is free from complaints. When you search negative reviews of any site listed above in Google, you will get some related results. Don’t be freaked out right away. It is only natural for Chinese stores – you know, the general service standards of Chinese merchants are not as high as international standards and they are still learning to improve. Just stay calm and read the reviews in detail to find information that may be helpful for your own situation.

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