Best Chinese Shopping Sites to Buy Cheap Wholesale Jewelry

If you are running a jewelry store and want to source such products from online Chinese suppliers, and are definitely the best choices. In China, there are countless online shops selling jewelry to international buyers but no one can exceed DHgate or Aliexpress in this field. Here are the major reasons why I strongly recommend buyers to use the two sites to source made-in-China fashion jewelry:

Super Deals on Wholesale Jewelry at
Super deals on wholesale jewelry at

1. Most China-base stores offer retail prices for the jewelry they carry, which are usually higher, while and are wholesale trading platforms where all products are offered with different wholesale prices based on order volume. Besides, since there are numerous sellers, suppliers or manufacturers selling jewelry at either site, they are more likely to set competitive prices for the same or similar styles in order to attract buyers.

2. The jewelry listed at the majority of Chinese shops tends to be very limited in terms of style options while at or, you can choose from tons of jewelry products to fill your inventory. The jewelry category of, for instance, includes around 800, 000 items!

3. and are the most famous wholesale international shopping sites for small and medium-sized merchants. As legitimate big companies, they are capable of providing better services to ensure you a safe and pleasant shopping experience. Compared to the small players in this industry, their incredibility is better tested. In addition, backed by powerful investors and technical teams, they are able to improve their service standards and shopping system and constantly.


Novelty J288 Folding Mini Infrared RC Helicopter with GYRO Offered by

I never expected that a mini RC helicopter could bring so much fun to my family. The following novelty J288 folding mini infrared RC helicopter with GYRO offered by made us a super happy weekend. My three-year-old boy was so fascinated about the cool helicopter that he asked us to fly it again and again last Sunday and in the next morning, the first thing he did after he woke up is to look for the helicopter in the living room.

Novelty folding mini RC helicopter 6

When I received this toy, I was quite doubted about the quality and performance of the RC helicopter. It is the smallest remote control helicopter we’ve ever got. From the appearance, it looks rather fragile and we were worried that it might be easily broken during flying. Anyway, all concerns were then quickly cleared away as soon as we began to fly it.


Business Suit Shaped Cross-body Novelty Bag

If you are a women obsessed with novelty bags, the cool business suit shaped bag with a cross-body chain strap at may interest you. I feel in love with this creative handbag upon the first sight of it. It should look fabulously amazing to go for a lovely cocktail dress. I also believe that it could be a great bag for an office outfit.

Business suit shaped handbag

Made of vinyl, the business suit shaped bag for women is not cheap in terms of pricing. It is available at $56.99 with free standard shipping. Just like any other novelty bags for sale at the site, this style is highly limited in stock availability. Now it has only one unit in stock and I am not sure whether the site will source more into its inventory in the future or not. If you really like it and can accept the price, you may need to act fast.

Handbags are not at all a major category of the vintage high street fashion online boutique, but every bag listed there has a unit look and you will find it hard to explore the same or similar style from other Chinese online shops. This explains why the bags at are not low priced.

Novelty bags at

Besides the business suit shaped bag, Romwe also carries a small collection of novelty bags that come in other shapes, including magazine-shaped bags, square-shaped metallic bags, poker-shape plastic bags, film board shaped bags, pockets shaped bags, bandeau-liked plaid bags and more. Click here to view all creative bags at


To reduce you cost when shopping with, you are encouraged to take advantage of the valid coupon codes.

Car USB Power Adapter with 10-in-1 Universal USB Ports and Charging Cables

As we are getting more and more electronic gadgets of various models, we have to keep different power adapters with different USB ports for home, office or travelling use. For this reason, many people are often upset about tangled cable mess. Sometimes it becomes a total headache as we fail to find the right power adapter to charge for a certain gadget. Also, it is quite frustrating that when we need to charge the power for various models simultaneously, there are not enough sockets to do the job. Then, the following car USB power adapter with 10-in-1 USB ports and cables could be a good solution.

Car USB Power Adapter with 10-in-1 Universal USB Ports and Charging Cables

I happened to see this product at, a tested online electronic store based in China. Before then I hadn’t known the problem could be solved so easily. I purchased one immediately from Taobao, the biggest Chinese domestic online shopping place and it costs equally little. At, it is available at only $3.55 plus free shipping to most destinations around the world. After investigation, I realize that such products are actually very popular and can be bought at almost all Chinese international gadget shopping sites.


Tips on How to Get the Best Deals from Chinese Shops

It is an undeniable fact that most buyers around the world choose to shop directly with Chinese online shops because the prices are unbeatable. Though some made-in-China products are truly made with superior quality, we usually won’t expect too much about the quality standards of the products offered by Chinese suppliers.

One of my American friends once commented, “I love buying from China simply because the quality is acceptable but the pricing is too low to resist. One good thing about shopping with Chinese sellers is: I can buy new stuff to replace the old ones easily. It is so amazing that even with a small budget I can refresh my wardrobe anytime I like.”

In addition to the highly competitive prices, there are tons of opportunities to further reduce your cost when trading with Chinese online shops. This post will introduce some useful tips to help you take advantage of such chances to save more on transactions with China-based shopping sites.

1. Search for valid coupon codes.

 This is definitely the most widely used approach to save cost. Some Chinese shopping sites may indicate the coupon codes on the homage banners or at the promotional pages while most won’t. The majority of Chinese shops usually choose to spread the coupon codes among their affiliates to help promoting their stores and products. For this reason, you may have to search Google for coupon codes released by the store. For example, if you want to shop with the electronic store, use the term “Banggood coupon codes” or the like to do the searching. Trust me, such effort is well worth as it can instantly help cut your cost to the minimum.


Top Chinese Online Stores of Made-in-China Electronic Gadgets

About electronic gadget stores based in China

There are countless electronic gadget stores based in China since the country is the manufacturing hub of all kinds of consumer electronics. Also, as Shenzhen is the centre of electronic factories, the majority of such kind of online stores is located in or around the city.

When there are too many choices, it is extremely important for common buyers to separate the good from the bad. Internet is a key tool that can help people find useful information and to evaluate the authenticity, credibility as well as service standards of a store they never use before, though the information may not be totally dependable. However, it is never an easy task and it usually requires plenty of time and energy. For this reason, people tend to go for those recommended by authoritative third-parties first.
Best Deals on Consumer Electronics at
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