Novelty J288 Folding Mini Infrared RC Helicopter with GYRO Offered by

I never expected that a mini RC helicopter could bring so much fun to my family. The following novelty J288 folding mini infrared RC helicopter with GYRO offered by made us a super happy weekend. My three-year-old boy was so fascinated about the cool helicopter that he asked us to fly it again and again last Sunday and in the next morning, the first thing he did after he woke up is to look for the helicopter in the living room.

Novelty folding mini RC helicopter 6

When I received this toy, I was quite doubted about the quality and performance of the RC helicopter. It is the smallest remote control helicopter we’ve ever got. From the appearance, it looks rather fragile and we were worried that it might be easily broken during flying. Anyway, all concerns were then quickly cleared away as soon as we began to fly it.

Following the instruction manual, we first removed the helicopter from the box, which is also the remote controller. We unfolded the body of the helicopter carefully. Then, we put four 1.5v batteries (not included) into the controller. At the same time, we inserted the USB cable into a computer and after the indicator lit up, we inserted the other end of the cable into the charging jack on the helicopter. It took about 30 minutes to get the helicopter fully charged and then it was completely ready for flying.

Novelty folding mini RC helicopter 14

Novelty folding mini RC helicopter 12

We chose to fly it in our living room of about 40 square meters with less obstacles. We turned on both the helicopter and the remote controller and started to operate the controller gently. At the beginning, it seemed quite tricky to well steer the helicopter but after practicing for several times, it became an easy job to let the helicopter fly forward, backward, ascend or descend and we could even breezily speed up the helicopter. Seeing the helicopter soar over in the living room, my son was so exciting that the kept laughing loudly.

Novelty folding mini RC helicopter 9

Novelty folding mini RC helicopter 5

The helicopter can keep flying for about 10-15 minutes after a full charging. For indoor use, note that it can easily fly high so do remember not to push the levers quickly or forcefully. Otherwise, it may crash into the ceiling. Because of unfamiliarity with the controlling, we got the RC helicopter forcefully hit the ceiling or the floor for several times during the first attempts to steer the gadget. Fortunately, it turned out nothing was broken after the fierce crashes, which proves that the quality of the helicopter is really good. Anyway, soon we learnt how to control the helicopter skillfully to avoid it hitting the ceiling and to land it in a gentle way. Practicing makes perfect!

Novelty folding mini RC helicopter 11

Novelty folding mini RC helicopter 15

Novelty folding mini RC helicopter 20

Novelty folding mini RC helicopter 19

My husband, my brother, my son and I spent the whole day playing the creative folding mini RC helicopter from and we really enjoyed the happy time. We were so crazy with the toy that we recharged it again and again and re-flew it again and again. Even when it was bed time, my son begged us to fly it and we played the flying game till midnight!

Novelty folding mini RC helicopter 1

Novelty folding mini RC helicopter 3

Novelty folding mini RC helicopter 4

Novelty folding mini RC helicopter 21

Novelty folding mini RC helicopter 8

Never worry about the operations. Just follow the professionally and clearly written manual and everything will be simple and smooth. As an easy-to-control novelty mini helicopter made of high quality standards, it is available at just about $20 at the Chinese shopping site. Besides, the folding feature makes it convenient to store or to carry. The exquisite package box is also a plus and I believe it could be an extraordinarily amazing gift for a kid for important events like birthday or Christmas. From how much my son loved the toy, I guess every little boy would be equally happy to receive such an interesting gift.

Novelty folding mini RC helicopter

For more details about the J288 folding mini RC helicopter, please click here.

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