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Chinaecarts.com offers consumer electronics, including cell phones, tablet pc, electronics gadgets, car dvd, digital cameras, spy cameras, security products, iphone/ipad accessories etc.

Chinaecarts, founded in 2008, is a wholesale provider of hi-tech gadgets and consumer electronics products from the China market. The headquarter is in Shenzhen, China.

Contact Information:

Room 306,Sufa Building,Zhenhua Road,Shenzhen,China

Tel: +86-18316445394

Payment Methods: Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram

Shipping Methods: Air Mail, EMS, DHL, UPS, TNT, Fedex

Domain Name Register Date: 2008-06-09

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    (5/5) Reviewed by Hello World! https://oj062y.com?hs=414ff7dfbf273328cc45f818ae58e45f& on November 27, 2022 #


  • 1/5
    (1/5) Reviewed by Shenna on November 25, 2022 #

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    (1/5) Reviewed by Max S on October 16, 2015 #

    paid $329 US Dollars for Samsung S6 Edge phone and I received a $10 CHEAP Chinese piece of junk that was thrown in the garbage. Store owner blamed it on factory and told me to send another $200 US Dollars and he would send correct phone to me!! Never ever send this store any money. they are scam artist and thieves. don’t make the same mistake i did!! please save your money!!

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